Fish farms on Poros: Why the residents are against it

Impressions from the workshop “From Idea into Action”

The workshop “From Idea into Action” took place on 18 July. What were our impressions of it?

-Ioanna Georgiou, student

The workshop “From Idea into Action” was not only an experience of realization, but also an opportunity to look at ourselves and our ideas straight in the eye. Both the workshop goals and methodology were clear enough and the theory used was good food for thought. The trainer analytically explained the steps we need to make in order to realize our idea to us and motivated us to move forward by experiential games and practical exercise.

At first, one of the things that I was left with is the fact that we should not fall in love with our ideas − on one hand, this is hard because we tend to beautify what we love, but on the other hand, it is honest. However, learning starts when our notion of reality is broken. And this workshop has been one of those cases.

We can also say something else. When you are a child, you are always asking “why”, whereas as you are growing up you start to understand that the proper question is “how”. In this way, the workshop helped me since I have an idea I want to turn into action in my hands, but when I asked myself “how”, I did not know how to really answer. This is why the basis of it all is “how” and failure is a basic mistake, an error in process. Also, there had been a long discussion on self-exploration; the “idea” itself is nothing more than activating the knowledge we have about ourselves.

Another helpful truth is that we should share our ideas, even if we do not do so out of selfishness. “Sharing” means to evolve a previous fact; “to share” means to evolve my idea, because if this idea is not processed by many hands and observed my many eyes, it cannot become meaningful and exciting and it will not move people. Thus, a step closer to turning our idea into action is to share our ideas, something which helped me as an insight, as I used to avoid doing so until now.

Even if you are the leader of your own idea, it is not enough; you have to be the lighthouse, to light the others not in order not to get lost, but to find themselves again. If an idea is not radical at its core, then it lacks depth, and it will fail again. We would like to thank Melachrinos for this amazing motivation and for the performance of “Lemon”, which proved to us both that he managed to turn his idea into action and that his idea had to say something and that it is here to stay.

-Anastasia Karouti, educator

Some days ago I joined a workshop that gave me lots of food for thought and concern. The workshop’s topic (how one can turn their ideas into action) was of particular interest to me, as for me summer is mostly a period of readjustment and reflection. This is true for now, as well: having had some things I would like to implement in the near future in mind and taking into account my professional activities, I can surely tell this workshop happened at the right moment.

The discussion was enlightening and really interesting. The trainer led our thoughts down to a certain path with his knowledge and experience and he helped us deeply understand how to manage such crises and how important it is to always bear in mind the fact that our ideas do not solely belong to us, but they visit us instead, and there is always room for readjustments and for sharing.

I will put emphasis on one of the key points mentioned, on the fact that the idea person has should be accompanied by a crisis, a period of wondering, observation, and reflection, as I believe that this was a particularly helpful point to me. Considering all these, I can note down my own ideas and follow this thinking process in order to plan my next steps. I will definitely apply this piece of knowledge in my personal and professional life.

I would like to deeply thank Melachrinos who helped us so much. It was enjoyable to see a person who would go up on stage in a couple of hours to turn his idea into action sharing his knowledge. I would also like to thank him for giving us the opportunity to attend the general rehearsal for the theatrical perfoarmance “Lemon” and to see how a team collaborates in real life, how important the presence of a common vision, respect, and also devotion to the original idea is.

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