Art unites us

Katheti participates in the project “Art unites us all”, which is organized worldwide, with painting and photography as its means! You can participate by sending us your works by March 15th! How does art unites us? Organizer Domina Monriel explains:

“I am a musician, student of Music Composition & Orchestration for Film, TV and Video Games at Berklee College of Music as well, as a writer. Driven by this difficult period of increased insecurity and solitude, I created a project.

The project is called “Art Unites Us All” and aims to highlight the ways in which art, especially in these difficult times, unites us all regardless of borders, art field and personality. Students of the National Conservatory of Greece (based in Thessaloniki) have videotaped and recorded themselves playing original music of my own composition.

These videos combined with some others involving dancers (e.g., Athens Conservatoire, the internationally renowned Andrienne Canterna and others) and some short videos in which various artistic personalities declare “what art means to them” will compose the final video that will be uploaded on all social media platforms.

If you wish of course, in an effort to highlight the artistic power of our country as well as to emphasize that art does unite us all, I would like students of Katheti’s Painting Workshop to paint and send their art.”

So, whoever wants to participate can paint us 1, 2… 15 artworks on the subject “What does art mean to me” and send them to us at:

What do you think? Shall we paint?

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