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Αναζήτηση εργασίας / Job opportunities
20 August 2020

Autumn as a season is typically intertwined with job search, in the urban centers mainly. At the same time in which tourist areas gradually get ready to rest from the hectic summer time. This year is more complex. The touristic season was very limited time- and income-wise. Job search for the winter season has become […]

20 August 2020

Ritsa Darsinou talks to us about her business activity in the area. Ritsa Darsinou is an innovative entrepreneur, who contributes in the area of Poros and Troizinia-Methana for the last thirty years. Her company, Darsinos Services, in Galatas, contributes with two ferry boats in the line connecting Poros and Galatas. Also, it is involved in […]

20 August 2020

In the summer of 2020, we had a new, environmentally friendly arrival in our area. The arrival of the EcoCar in Galatas! Climate change calls for drastic changes to our habits, with the aim to reduce our ecological footprint. Darsinos Services and Ritsa Darsinou, whose interview to Katheti you can read here, recognized this need […]

11 August 2020

By Fay Orfanidou (Featured image by Savvas Marotos) This summer on Poros is different. TV channels and newspapers are focusing on it. But not on its beauty, food, pine-trees that reach down to the sea. Not on its quaint backstreets and the little islands dotting the sea outside its canal. Nor on Lemonodasos, Villa Galini, […]

22 July 2020

In June, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Piraeus and Islands organized the visual arts workshop “In the way of Constantin Xenakis”, at the Archaeological Museum of Poros. Since 2013, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Piraeus and Islands has been organizing communicative actions and educational programs for the students of Poros and Troizinia-Methana. Every October, the […]

22 July 2020

In the 21st century, the ways of communication have acquired a completely different form than what we knew. Technology evolves rapidly. We have entered a new age of information, which sometimes makes our life easier and others has the exactly opposite results. The information in which each of us has now access favor objective knowledge, […]

21 July 2020

Evi Pini is an archaeologist and works at the Ministry of Culture. As responsible for the Department of Educational Programs of the Piraeus and Islands Ephorate of Antiquities, she designs and implements educational activities in museums and archaeological sites. In the same time, she writes stories and novels for children that like archaeology and history. […]

18 June 2020

Tatina Spinari-Pollali is an Art Historian. She has studied History of Art and Museology (PhD, Boston University, Massachusetts), she has worked and organized exhibitions at the university gallery of Boston University, and consequently she has taught at the Boston College History of European and American Art of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as […]

18 June 2020

CITRONNE Gallery opens again this summer and welcomes you to Poros. This year, art historian and owner of the gallery Tatiana Spinari-Pollali opted to create a continuous with the exhibition “Inner Space”, which is presented at the Athens gallery. At the same time, she collaborates for the eighth consecutive year with the Antiquities Ephorate of […]

18 June 2020

“What is Katheti?” “What are you doing there?” “How can Katheti help me in my work?” Katheti’s team, taking into account these and much more questions that are raised from time to time, decided to visit you door to door and inform you. Who are we? What do we do, why and how? From the […]

17 June 2020

Poros, Troizinia and Methana are areas that were loved by artists. The local area has for many years been a source of inspiration for people of the arts. Parthenis and Ebeirikos are only some of the artists that used to retreat to these serene parts seeking inspiration. The area, however, hasn’t only harbored artists, it […]

01 June 2020

Katheti is a cultural and educational center that serves the people of the Poros-Galatas wider region. We support local artisans and entrepreneurs, students preparing for their futures, and all those who seek to expand their horizons, learn new skills, share knowledge, and celebrate the richness of our culture. Our mission is to galvanize the deep […]

Mentoring at Katheti / Μέντορινγκ στην Καθετή
30 April 2020

Katheti, within the “Life & Career” program, is launching a mentoring (guidance) course for young people. Mentoring at Katheti is composed of three parts: Local residents Greeks who are active in Greece and abroad Top professionals from around the world 1.  Mentoring by local residents In the first part, Katheti enables local professionals to share […]

14 April 2020

What is a local educational and cultural non-profit organization doing in the midst of Covid-19? Katheti in the age of Covid-19 is adapting, evolving and ultimately developing! Katheti is a cultural and educational centre serving the residents of the broad region of Poros Municipality and Troizinia-Methana. We support local technicians and entrepreneurs, students getting ready […]

27 March 2020

In April, Katheti is launching Life & Career, a program for professional and personal development, career guidance and skills acquisition. This program will offer career counseling, coaching sessions and a range of personal and professional development videos. This program is at the heart of Katheti’s goal for the sustainable development of the local area. The […]

27 March 2020

Fay Orfanidou, member and and Executive Director of Katheti, holds a BA in Studies in Hellenic Cultural Studies and two MAs: in Social Sciences and in Education and Human Rights. For 20 years she was working as a translator and subtitler from and to English, Spanish, Italian and German. She has also worked in the […]

24 March 2020

Katheti, amidst the new worldwide conditions due to Covid-19, is trying to contribute to the creation of more pleasant conditions at home. Our library list now hosts a new tab with e-books and audio books available to you for free. The e-Library we collected is available here. In addition to the article “We Stay at […]

Online painting workshop katheti
24 March 2020

Katheti adjusted its schedule to the new circumstances due to Covid-19 and launched a new series of online programs. In the past weeks, due to the suspension of our classes, we felt the need to find new ways to continue our Painting Workshop with Mara Dimopoulou. So, we created a Free Online Painting Workshop. As […]

20 March 2020

The case of the 6-year-old D. is an example of the important, many times immediate, reward volunteer work offers. D. is a first grader from India who was born and raised locally. He speaks and understands Greek as if it were his mother tongue. His parents, overtime, have gradually been integrated in the local community […]

Μένουμε σπίτι - We stay at home
13 March 2020

Activities so as not to get bored Schools across the country have been closed for some days as part of the preventive measures for the new coronavirus Covid-19. In general, we all restrict our travels and keep our friends and family safe by staying home. This will slow down the spread of the virus, giving […]

19 February 2020

George Foufas talks to us about his inner journey within himself and his external journeys to places, people and occupations. He studied Civil Engineering and completed his studies in Agriculture before turning to natural farming and kung fu. He combined these two seemingly independent paths in his piece of land near Isthmus. There, he cultivates […]

Ευρωπαϊκό Σώμα Αλληλεγγύης / European Solidarity Corps
13 February 2020

Katheti is glad to announce that it is now certified under the EU Program European Solidarity Corps (ESC, former EVS). This means that local youth is now provided with the opportunity to participate in Erasmus+ volunteer programs abroad. Katheti supports you to travel abroad through the ESC. ESC’s objective is to provide youth with the […]

Μάρα Δημοπούλου
23 January 2020

Mara Dimopoulou talks to us about her work, her relationship with the local area, and her plans for the future. Mara is an artist, graduate of the Fine Arts School. She does paintings and installations and she’s the new member of Katheti’s team. Tell us about your work. I am an artist, painter, graduate of […]

Euroscola 2020
23 January 2020

Martha Nikolaidou is the student that will represent Poros High School at Euroscola 2020. Student Martha Nikolaidou, won the 3rd place in the Euroscola student competition and belongs to the 24 students who will represent the Attica Regional Education Directorate in the meeting in Strasbourg, on February 27th, 2020. A few words about Euroscola At […]

Η Μαρία Βλάχου μάς μιλά
22 December 2019

Maria Vlachou talks to us about her life and professional activity on Poros as well as about her volunteer work at Katheti. More about her volunteer work at Katheti here. Tell us about your work. I have a small business, the boutique Artichaut, with handmade clothes, on the island of Poros. I work during the […]

Εθελοντισμός στην Καθετή / Volunteering at Katheti
22 December 2019

Fay Orfanidou writes about volunteer work at Katheti and in general. In the spring of 1996, I was 23 years old and working in tourism.  I had only 10 days of leave left until the end of the year. I was a WWF supporter and was receiving their quarterly magazine “The Panda”. Browsing through its […]

Καλές γιορτές από την Καθετή!
20 December 2019

Season’s greetings from Katheti! May these days be as you wish them to be, with lots of precious moments and beloved people. The local municipalities offer many opportunities for a great time with your loved ones these days. From 22/12 until 5/1, the Municipality of Troizinia-Methana invites us to the Christmas Village on Iroon Square […]

Δανειστική βιβλιοθήκη-αναγνωστήριο Καθετής
30 November 2019

From January 2020, a lending library-reading space will operate at Katheti. Katheti’s lending library-reading space will include classic literature books for children, adolescents and adults, as well as books about the local history and nature, await for you. You can read them in the warm space of Katheti or at home, whenever you like. Something […]

30 November 2019

On November 16 & 17, Katheti hosted the third part of the seminar Resolving Conflicts through Peer Mediation. The newly formed Peer Mediation group of Galatas Junior High School participated in the seminar. Facilitators were once more the volunteers Evgenia Saridou and Maria Louiza Andriakopoulou (“Dialogos Civil Company of Commercial and Family Mediation“). The following […]

27 November 2019

September is the month of education; it’s the time when the first school bell rings and also the time when students, teachers, and parents start setting new goals. Having the preparation of its educational activities as a starting point, Katheti prepared a feature article about education. What are the schools and opportunities available in the […]

30 October 2019

Being an educator requires effort, ongoing learning and development. It is an easier process for persons who live in bigger cities where one can join courses or attend forums and conferences, but it can be a challenge for any teacher who lives and works in a rural area where there are fewer opportunities for lifelong […]

30 October 2019

Maria Pateraki, a Computer Science teacher at Galatas Junior High School, is one of the teachers who participated in the peer mediation seminar organized by Katheti last year. This year, Maria is the teacher who supports the implementation of peer mediation in her school, always in collaboration with the group of students who are going […]

11 September 2019

Katheti has offered unique experiences to locals and visitors alike –and this is not something we have come up with! Please keep reading in order to see how persons who joined our activities spent their time around us.

22 August 2019

Katheti is an educational and cultural centre aiming to provide locals and visitors of the area with the opportunity to learn new things, to develop their skills, and to have fun by attending cultural events. Many of Katheti’s educational activities for the previous school year of 2018-2019, have been designed by Anastasia Karouti, an educator and […]

29 July 2019

The workshop “From Idea into Action” took place on 18 July. What were our impressions of it? -Ioanna Georgiou, student The workshop “From Idea into Action” was not only an experience of realization, but also an opportunity to look at ourselves and our ideas straight in the eye. Both the workshop goals and methodology were […]

26 July 2019

On occasion of the activities of the 2nd Craft Festival organised on Poros in July, such as the opening of Poros lending and exchange library, we talked with Eleni Pavlou, a professional weaver and the festival’s “soul”. Eleni talked to us about her work and “Ergani” weaving workshop, about creativity and about how important it […]

07 July 2019

It started as a joke between friends, but it turned out to become a great summer experience: the 2nd Poros Craft Festival is going to take place on 13-14 July, in Ermou street. Activities include a photography exhibition featuring what we love on Poros and crafts for kids. This year, all workshops will have recycling […]

03 July 2019

On the occasion of the photography exhibition organized by Katheti about “Sotiris” taverna from 13 July to 31 October, we talked with Vasilis Kolokithas, the professional cinematographer and amateur photographer who depicted the inside of Poros island taverna where Katheti will shortly be hosted. Vasilis visited the historical building which remained closed for sixteen years […]

29 May 2019

We had the great pleasure to talk with Melachrinos Velentzas, member of Experimento group and one of the protagonists of the alternative theatrical performance “Lemon”. The performance travelled to Galatas and took place at Klados farm on 18 May. For the time being, Experimento is preparing the performance of 20 & 21 July on Poros, as well […]

21 May 2019

My decision to move to a small island of the Saronic Gulf turned out to be a wise one. Honestly, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life; it certainly was not easy, but it was undoubtedly priceless. An amazing article about Poros in!

15 October 2018

The first week of October was full; new faces, new experiences, many discussions about things we daily go through, but we rather not focus on. How can someone meet people in a small rural town and in an even smaller island? How can one talk about their experience of migrating and adapting in a place with people who have […]