Fish farming: The imminent threat of their expansion and the ignorance of risk


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03 April 2024

The documentary “Poros Stands” premieres in April and aims to support the community’s collective efforts to save Poros from industrial fish farming.

02 April 2024

With our oceans facing unprecedented threats from pollution, overfishing, and climate crisis, the role of environmental organizations dedicated to marine protection has never been more crucial.

28 February 2024

The sculptor of the Mermaid of Poros, George Xenoulis, left his indelible mark with the statue he sculpted for our island.

02 February 2024

On January 25 the educational program “Why we say no to fish farms on Poros” took place at Katheti in collaboration with EPAL Galatas!

01 December 2023

Katheti is ready for a year full of events and activities!

01 December 2023

What have we achieved at Katheti in 2023? Find out everything about the initiatives we carried out this year!

30 November 2023

The project “Mentoring at Katheti” enables local professionals to share their experience with the young people of the area.

Korfos fish farm
13 November 2023

These short film documentaries about the Industrial Fish Farms illustrate the global harmful impact on the environment and our health.