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01 June 2023

A number of enlightened countries have already banned industrial fish farms in open marine net pens such as those on Poros.

fish farms
31 May 2023

These short film documentaries about the Industrial Fish Farms illustrate the global harmful impact on the environment and our health.

poros arts festival
31 May 2023

The Alternative Poros Arts Festival 2023 will be taking place from June to September, offering a broad range of cultural events.

Cine Diana
30 May 2023

Cinema entertains and puzzles us. So, we could say that “Cine-magic: From the silver screen to our hearts” actually exists.

children's play
28 April 2023

In April, the successful children’s play “The Life of Theseus” rendered by children of the Centers for Creative Activities of Troizinia and Methana was performed.

monk seal
27 April 2023

The Mediterranean monk seal, the rarest of the 33 seal species in the world, is threatened by Poros fish farms.

poros trails
26 April 2023

Poros trails bring us in contact with the pine forest and the untouched natural environment of the island.

04 April 2023

The local community clearly says: “No industrial-scale fish farms at Poros!”