Katheti's news


24 July 2021

The beaches of Methana connect the wild beauty of the peninsula’s mountains with the endless blue of the sea.

01 July 2021

UNESCO has declared Lemonodasos a landscape of natural beauty and it is protected by the European Ramsar Treaty. We present the organization which fights for its revitalization.

paralies troizinias
29 June 2021

Summer and sea! A combination that both young and old people like. And our area has a lot of sea and many beaches!

29 June 2021

A visual arts exhibition that creates many connections. The “Bridges” that unite us have already been transformed into something more tangible for every visitor.

29 June 2021

Katheti zooms in on Melachrinos Veletzas because the stigma he leaves with his art transcends the city boundaries and reaches our small cradles.

Women's consulting center of Salamina Municipality
28 May 2021

The women’s consulting center of Salamina Municipality offers solidarity, correct information and support not only to the women of Salamina but also to those who live in the wider Argo-saronic Gulf area.

Hiking trails of Poros, Troizhnia and Methana
28 May 2021

The hiking trails of Poros, Troizinia and Methana unfold in a place with special geography and variety of landscape.

27 April 2021

Our region, has an idyllic landscape and tradition in fishing and tourism. What better than a fishing trip with the Saronic Gulf as a view!