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18 June 2020

CITRONNE Gallery opens again this summer and welcomes you to Poros. This year, art historian and owner of the gallery Tatiana Spinari-Pollali opted to create a continuous with the exhibition “Inner Space”, which is presented at the Athens gallery. At the same time, she collaborates for the eighth consecutive year with the Antiquities Ephorate of West Attica, Piraeus and Islands at the Archaeological Museum of Poros. She co-curates the exhibition of Konstantinos Xenakis.

18 June 2020

“What is Katheti?” “What are you doing there?” “How can Katheti help me in my work?”
Katheti’s team, taking into account these and much more questions that are raised from time to time, decided to visit you door to door and inform you. From the end of June, our team will begin an informative action directed to all local professionals.

17 June 2020

Poros, Troizinia and Methana are areas that were loved by artists. The local area has for many years been a source of inspiration for people of the arts. The area, however, hasn’t only harbored artists, it has given birth to many as well. As Katheti, we want to highlight the work and potentially create a network of the local artists, so we tried to document them, starting with visual artists.

01 June 2020

In order to continue offering and add to our free services, we need your support. You can support us in different ways. Learn how:

Mentoring at Katheti / Μέντορινγκ στην Καθετή
30 April 2020

Katheti, within the “Life & Career” Program, is launching a mentoring (guidance) course for young people. Mentoring at Katheti.

14 April 2020

What is a local educational and cultural non-profit organization doing in the midst of Covid-19? Katheti in the age of Covid-19 is adapting, evolving and ultimately developing!

27 March 2020

Katheti is launching Life & Career, a program of professional and personal development, career guidance and skill building. This program will offer career counseling, coaching sessions and a range of personal and professional development videos. This program is at the heart of Katheti’s goal for the sustainable development of the local area. The services will be provided free of charge or at reduced cost price when they are provided by a third party.

27 March 2020

Fay Orfanidou, member and and Executive Director of Katheti, holds a BA in Studies in Hellenic Cultural Studies and two MAs: in Social Sciences and in EHR.