Actions – Events

January 22nd & 29th, 2023

Entrepreneurship Webinar

The Entrepreneurship Webinar will provide knowledge needed to create a successful business or improving the performance of an existing one.
December 24th, 2022

We say no to the development of industrial fisheries at Poros!

Industrial-scale fish farms at Poros are in the final stage of the approval process. What does this mean for the island?
December 18th, 2022

A children’s fest

A children's fest with singing, games, face painting, Christmas crafts and a bazaar.
December 13th, 2022

Continuing with our “adopted” beaches

We are continuing with our adopted beaches. We will meet again, together with Galatas High School, on December 13th on Agia Sotira beach.
December 2022-May 2023

Choral workshop “Fairy tale without a name”

The choral workshop "Fairy tale without a name" is an excellent opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the art of singing.
December 6th, 2022

A group of scientists play the “Sokakia game” 

A group of young scientists play the “Sokakia game”. Four two-member teams will get to know the local history while exploring the island.
November 26th and 27th, 2022

Sports Psychology Seminar for Athletes and Coaches

The Sport Psychology Seminar for Athletes and Coaches, closes the gap between the physical and the mental improvement of the athletes
November 2022-May 2023

Screenings Group

Katheti’s Screenings Group starts up again! At the Screenings Group, on Mondays, we select, watch and discuss movies.
November 16th, 2022

Screenings Group

Katheti’s Screenings Group starts up again! We would like to invite you to a meeting to plan the next screenings.
November 14th 2022

Theater and chorus workshop

Katheti organizes a theater and chorus workshop that will lead to the theater performance "Παραμύθι χωρίς όνομα” (Fairy tale without a name).
November 10th 2022


“Art-capsule” is an art workshop documenting Troizinia and Methana, aimed at children of 6 to 12 years old.
October 26th, 2022

Internet safety 

“Internet safety” seminar aims to improve our knowledge, so that access to the digital world, especially of minors, is free from risks.
October 23rd, 2022

1st Methana Crossing

We invite you to participate in the 1st Methana Crossing, organized by Katheti in collaboration with
School term 2022-2023

Greek Language lessons 2022 – 2023

Greek language lessons 2022-2023 are offered to people who live in the area and would like to learn Greek but do not have the financial...
August 28th & 29th

Casting call

Casting call to people from the area for the movie KYUKA. The casting will take place on August 28th and 29th at 7pm.

Painting exhibition “In the same waters”

Gina Papadopoulou and Christos Papadopoulos meet for the first time in their joint painting exhibition “In the same waters”, on their home island of Poros.

“In the footsteps of the Jews of Greece”

Anastasio Karambabas's book "In the footsteps of the Jews of Greece" is a journey from antiquity to the present day.

The story of a dog called faithful

Katheti, in collaboration with Kostas Gakis, is bringing the play “Ιστορία ενός σκύλου που τον έλεγαν πιστό” (The story of a dog called faithful) to...

From the tribes of the world to our “tribe”

Between July 29th and 31st, Katheti is organizing the three-day theatrical seminar “From the tribes of the world to our ‘tribe’”, with Kostas Gakis. The...

έlα Vagionia

Έlα Vagionia. Αn invitation to enjoy the beach with music, dance, singing, swimming, water sports and respect for the environment.

Katheti at Saroneia

Katheti will be at Saroneia with it own kiosk. Visit us and get to know our work!
08/07/2022, 7:30 pm

The Small Tailor of Words

by Antonis Papatheodoulou, presented by the theatre group Mikros Notos On July 8th at 7:30pm, the sold out children’s play is coming to Poros at...
06/07/2022 & 17/07/2022

Continuing with our “adopted” beaches

We are continuing with our adopted beaches! We will meet again on July 6th and 17th on the beaches of Agia Sotira and Vagionia respectively.

Youth groups from Belgium

Youth groups from Belgium, youth groups from Belgium, a total of 130-150 scouts, will visit our area and they will offer volunteer work.

Choir Workshop in Poros

The String Theory Choir stands out as one of the most active, productive, original and innovative ensembles of the kind.

Photo exhibition “Athlesis”

The photo exhibition “Athlesis” intends to highlight, not only the local athletic tradition, but also sports in general.

Circular tourism

Circular tourism provides practices and solutions for prosperity and development with respect for both people and the environment.

Three days of circular tourism on Aegina island

The three days of circular tourism on Aegina island took place in May 2022 and it was full of activities, sharing and innovations.

The WWF Youth Group in Galatas

Three full days sent the WWF Youth Group in Galatas with Mediterranean diet, workshop about goal setting and photography games.
April 1st & 2nd, 2022

Second year of the action “Adopt a beach” 

On April 1st and 2nd 2022, the second year of the action "Adopt a beach" begins, at the beaches of Agia Sotira and Vagionia respectively.
March 26th & 27th, 2022

“Do books actually talk?”

“Do books actually talk?”, and, if so, what would they say to us? Come and find out the answer to the presentation organized by Katheti!
March 13th, 2022

Internet safety 

“Internet safety” seminar aims to improve our knowledge, so that access to the digital world, especially of minors, is free from risks.
January 29th & 30th

How not to run away in the prospect of a presentation

The Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Seminar offers the tools and the way to a successful speech, interview, evaluation, etc.

“Bridges” album 

“Bridges” album hosts in its pages the works of all the painters and photographers who participated in the namesake visual arts exhibition.

Katheti’s bag 

Katheti’s bag is multi-purpose, handmade, ecological, and elegant.
January-July 2022

Free mental health and self-care services

Katheti has started a collaboration with Despina Kappi, who will provide free mental health and self-care services.
December 5th, 2021

Christmas Ornaments Workshop

In the Christmas Ornaments Workshop, we will get ideas for original and impressive crafts, which we can make easily and quickly.
November 2021-April 2022

Dance lessons on Poros

Dance has no age, no gender! So, what do you say? Shall we dance? Dance lessons on Poros by Kinisi kai Rythmos” association.
November 7th & 8th

Second action on the beaches we “adopted”

Vagionia on Poros and Agia Sotira in Galatas are the beaches that participate in WWF’s program “Adopt a beach“.
November 2021-May 2022

Theater Workshop 2021-2022

Katheti's Theater Workshop 2021-2022 starts. Let's create together a documentary-theater performance and above all have a good time!
October-November 2021

Painting Workshop 2021-2022

Painting is a hobby and a creative way-out. Painting Workshop 2021-2022 offers you the opportunity to invest your time creatively.
School Term 2021-2022

Greek language lessons 2021-2022

Greek language lessons 2021-2022 are offered to people of all ages who live in the area and would like to learn Greek but do not...

“Passage” theater play

“Passage” is an amateur documentary-theater performance that turns local stories into a play, through improvisation.
Until Sunday, August 15th.

Collection of essential items

Katheti, in collaboration with the Municipality of Poros, is collecting essential items for our fellow human beings and the animals that were affected by the...
26 June-3 July & 3 July-10 July

Poros, Troizinia and Methana are on the way to become a sustainable tourism destination

Τhe small island of Poros and the much wider piece of land across from it, in the Peloponnese, called Troizinia and Methana peninsula is well...

Poros, Troizinia and Methana welcome Project Resound volunteers

The sustainable development model promises a boost to the tourism development of our region, an area that has a lot to offer!

Visual arts exhibition “Bridges”

When the past meets the present. A journey through time! This is what Katheti wants to offer with the visual exhibition "Bridges"

Innovative development ideas with digital tools

Fay Orfanidou took part at Culture Geek conference, whose theme this year was innovative development ideas with digital tools.
05/06/2021 & 11/06/2021

We “adopt” a local beach

We take action so that two beaches, Vagionia and Agia Sotira, participate in the WWF’s program "Adopt a beach".
Deadline 7 May 2021

Invitation to participate in a collective exhibition.

Katheti, in collaboration with Facebook groups "Μέθανα παλιές φωτογραφίες" and "Πόρος παλιές φωτογραφίες", invites all artists from the area of Poros and Troizinia-Methana to express...
May 2021

Art unites us

Katheti participated in the project “Art unites us all”, organized worldwide with painting! The project completed on May 16th, 2021.
February 2021

Soft skills webinar

Fay Orfanidou, trained coach and mentor of Katheti, will present the soft skills webinar online in February.
January 2021

Resolving Conflicts through Peer Mediation – 4

For the third consecutive year, Katheti supports the Peer Mediation Team of Galatas High School, coordinated by teacher Maria Pateraki, with the seminar "Resolving Conflicts...

Counseling for job seekers

Katheti’s new service “Counseling for job seekers” aims at supporting you in your effort to project a better professional image . Career Counselor and CIPD...

2021 Calendar

This year, Katheti, wishing to promote and honor local photographers, printed its own 2021 Calendar, dedicated to them. Twelve artists of the area will keep...
December 2020

Digital Marketing Webinar

Are you professionally interested in the digital communication world but you have questions that you don’t know how to answer? Would you like to take...
School Term 2020-2021

Greek language lessons 2020-2021

This school term, Katheti continues to offer free Greek language lessons for immigrants and children of immigrants. The lessons are targeted towards people that don’t...
Νοέμβριος 2020-Μάιος 2021

Painting Workshop 2020-2021

We are painting together at Katheti! Two-hour painting and drawing lessons with painter Mara Dimopoulou start at Katheti, Galatas, in November.
October 2020-May 2021

Theater documentation of Poros and Troizinia-Methana

Since October 2020, something magical happens every week at Katheti. A company of local residents gather and, for two hours, learn, play, improvise and create...
Thursday, 20 August 2020

Strategic Career Webinar

On August 20th 2020, local youth had the opportunity to attend for free an excellent Strategic Career Webinar with Dr. Karyn Gordon.

Book Draw

Katheti’s Library is now also a lending library. Katheti is launching its lending library and is inviting you to become members, giving you the most...
15.6.2020 - 30.9.2020

Painting Exhibition “Exodus”

Katheti is putting on its summer clothes, adding some colour to its walls and inviting you to the exhibition of its Painting Workshop students, entitled...

Local Mentors

The first part of “Mentoring at Katheti” starts with local mentors. We enable local professionals to share their experience with the young people of the...
From 21 April 2020

Career Guidance

Katheti is offering modern methods of career guidance to teenagers between 14-18 years old, residents of Troizinia-Methana and Poros.
April 14th-22nd, 2020

Creating Compassionate Cultures

Katheti is searching for three motivated, experienced and driven participants for the training course "Creating Compassionate Cultures" of Erasmus+.
March-May 2020

Online Painting Workshop – Course Guide

Free Online Painting Workshop. The lessons are uploaded and are accessible to everyone in PDF and video form.
8 March 2020

Self Defense Lessons

Starting March 8th, Katheti in Galatas will offer Self Defense Lessons. They will take place every second Sunday of each month from 11 am to...
Saturday, 7 March 2020

Indian Evening

A journey into the cultures of the world begun at Katheti. On Saturday March 7th, at 6-9pm, Katheti casted a line in India. An Indian...
February-May 2020

Painting Workshop 2019-2020

We are painting together at Katheti! Two-hour painting and drawing lessons with painter Mara Dimopoulou start at Katheti, Galatas, in February.
February 2020-

Coaching at Katheti

Since February 2020, Katheti, with coach Fay Orfanidou, has been offering Business and Life Coaching. These sessions are addressed to locals. The coaching sessions are...

Katheti’s Lending Library-Reading Space

Katheti’s Lending Library-Reading Space awaits you with classic literature for adults, adolescents, children and non-Greek-speaking bookworms. As a member of Katheti, you can enjoy many...
16 & 17 November 2019

Resolving Conflicts through Peer Mediation – 3rd part

On Saturday 16/11 and Sunday 17/11, Katheti welcomed the future Peer Mediation Team from Galatas Junior High School. Mediation is a peaceful process for resolving...
November 2019-May 2020

Screenings Group – Each month a different theme

Free film or documentary screenings.
19 & 20 October 2019

A two-day workshop on Philosophy & Cinema

Individual freedom vs social good
16 October 2019

Toolbox for foreign language teaching

A course of the "School of Educators"
School term 2019-2020

Greek language lessons for immigrants 2019-2020

With our volunteers’ help, this school term, Katheti continues to offer free Greek language lessons for immigrants and children of immigrants. The lessons are targeted...
School term 2019-2020

Programming lessons at Katheti

For the second year, Katheti offers free computer programming lessons to local students. The weekly, hourly lessons are given by volunteer Maria Pateraki, Computer Science...
Thursday, 18 July 2019

From Idea into Action

An interactive workshop on the occasion of the theatrical performance Lemon.
13 July to 31 October 2019

Photography exhibition: “Sotiris” Taverna

A photographic depiction of Sotiris Kerras' historic taverna.
22 and 24 May 2019

Non-Formal Learning seminar at Nafplio

We learn how to make our lesson interactive and fun.
Saturday, 18 May 2019


Cycladoupoli is an environmental education board game designed by the Museum of Cycladic Art in collaboration with WWF Greece.
April-May 2019

The Gyroscope on Poros

A personal and professional development workshop for teenagers.
27 March 2019

Thematic Week: Addictions section

Presentation of educational materials for the Thematic Week.
16 & 17 March and 13 & 14 April 2019

Resolving Conflicts through Peer Mediation

We learn how to work out our differences peacefully, without conflicts.
1, 3 and 15 March 2019

Non-Formal Learning: Make Your Lesson Interactive

We learn how to make our lesson interactive and fun.
27 February 2019

Thematic Week: Gender Roles section

Presentation of educational materials for the Thematic Week.
16 and 23 January 2019

Inclusive education for all genders: We break gender stereotypes

We learn about concepts such as sex/gender, gender identity, etc., and we make our class more inclusive.
12 December 2018

Personal values: Our personal compass

A seminar about the values that guide us in life.
8 December 2018

Preventing and treating a cold on our own

We learn how to treat a cold in alternative ways.
December 2018-May 2019

Reading Group

A Reading Group for any book lover.
24 November 2018

Culture shock & intercultural communication: Adapt in any place, any time

We learn about intercultural communication and culture shock and how to deal with it.
November 2018-January 2019

The Gyroscope at Galatas

A personal and professional development workshop for teenagers.
Every Sunday

Synthesis & Anasynthesis: We listen to music, we write music!

A music workshop for a group of beginners, carried out in three steps: listening, analysis/discussion, and composing.
Saturday, 3 November 2018

The body as a musical instrument

A seminar on how to use our voice as a tool.
1-7 October 2018

Crash Smallville

Poros-Troizinia-Methana We tell our stories, we create our theatre
School term 2018-2019

Free Greek language lessons for immigrants 2018-2019

Free Greek language lessons for immigrants delivered by volunteers.

We stay home

Schools across the country have been closed as part of the preventive measures for the new coronavirus Covid-19. In general, we all restrict our travels...