Fish farms on Poros: Why the residents are against it



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έlα Vagionia

17 July 22
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Organized by Καθετή


Vagionia beach, Poros.

July 17, 2022

17th of July 2022


Full day event



Activities | Culture

έlα Vagionia

17 July 22

Take a few moments to reflect on what a Greek summer vacation means to you. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and imagine yourself on an island. What are the images, the colors, the sounds, the aromas and the feelings overtaking your whole body and mind? Put them all together and “voilà”. You get the answer of what έlα Vagionia invitation is all about. Additionally, through this invitation, Katheti want to clearly state its position against the Industrialization of Poros and the plan for Organized Development of Aquaculture at our island. Έlα Vagionia is a full day event taking place on the 17th of July 2022 at Vagionia beach, at the north of Poros.


Activities and events

έlα Vagionia is an invitation about using the beach respectfully, as we, citizens and visitors of Poros, do all these years. What is better than spending a summer day at the beach? Apart from cleaning the beach, as we do for the past year in Vagionia and Agia Sotira, the day will be full of music, dance, singing, swimming and water sports. The program will become richer and richer as we approach the date of the event and Katheti will keep you informed through social media with all the important updates. Let’s swim, play, sing, dance, eat, drink, enjoy the sun, have fun and socialize, always with respect to the environment.

The invitation is open to everyone who wants to support the cause and enjoy Vagionia beach. We invite all public bodies, as well as cultural and professional associations to join our cause. But most importantly, our invitation goes out to all people of Poros to join the έlα Vagionia event. This is an event for all of us who love Poros. This is an event to bring us together to celebrate and clearly state our position against the Industrialization of Poros and the plan for Organized Development of Aquaculture at our island.


General guidelines

  • Bring your own water and food
  • Bring sunscreen, towels and beach umbrellas
  • Share cars, carpool
  • Use the recycling bins
  • Leave the beach the way you found it

Ways you can support our common cause

There are several alternative ways to support the cause, apart from joining the έlα Vagionia event on July 17th, enjoying the beach and the daily activities with your friends and family.

What else can you do?

•   Use our and other relevant hashtags to write on social media about the issue. We give you some examples: #elavagionia #saveporos #loveporos #saveporosisland #porosisland

Katheti keeps working towards promoting our area’s development with respect for the people, the culture and the environment. This vision can be achieved through continuous effort and collaborations, such as the Ec(h)o initiative, INCIRLE, smart villages and “Adopt a beach” programs, as part of which, on July 6th, we will organize a beach cleaning and garbage recording at Agia Sotira beach in Galatas.

The main part of the έlα Vagionia logo was designed by the team of volunteer designers participating at the Project Resound workshop in the summer of 2021.

Join Katheti’s work!