A group of scientists play the “Sokakia game” 

6 December 22
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December 6, 2022 | 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

December 6th, 2022




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A group of scientists play the “Sokakia game” 

6 December 22

In collaboration with Edward Tick PhD, mental health counsellor and author of the book “Healing the Soul through Dreams”, Katheti is hosting a game right in the middle of the winter. On Tuesday 6th of December, at 10 am, Edward, together with a group of scientists, are going to play a game called “Sokakia”, in the alleys of Sfairia. The group consists of American and Greek scientists (doctors, physiotherapists, lawyers and physical education teachers), who will find themselves lost in the alleys of Sfairia, while playing the game “Sokakia”, created by Katheti.


The “Sokakia Game”

The main idea of the game is for the players to find themselves lost in the beautiful alleys of Sfairia, to explore, meet locals and reach the next destination, using different alleys each time.

After taking the papyrus, which contains the instructions, the rules of the game and the map of Sfairia, the four two-member teams will begin the game. The papyrus also contains several riddles, which the players have to solve in order to get the points they need to win.

Katheti created and delivered the Sokakia game, in order to contribute to the development of sustainable tourism in our region and to help promote local history. For the same reason, Katheti is, also, actively involved in projects like Adopt a beachSmart Villages and INCIRCLE. Katheti orginizes the game for the second time. Belgian Scouts played the game this summer. This time a group of scientists play the “Sokakia game” in order to get to know our area and its people.

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