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November 10th 2022
Galatas & Methana
November 10th-December 1
5:00-6:30 pm in Methana
7:00-8:30 pm in Galatas

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Activities | Culture


November 10th 2022

Children’s artistic recording workshop of Troizinia-Methana

How would you feel if you discovered in a forgotten chest a letter from your grandmother that revealed information unknown to you? This letter could very well play the role of a time capsule. This idea inspired Katheti to create “Art-capsule”, in collaboration with the Children’s Centers for Creative Activities (ΚΔΑΠ) of Troizinia and Methana. “Art-capsule” is an art workshop documenting Troizinia and Methana, aimed at children of 6 to 12 years old. It includes a painting workshop, a theater performance and the construction of a board game. The painting workshop will start on November 10th and will last for four weeks. It will take place every Thursday 5:00-6:30 pm in Methana and 7:00-8:30 pm in Galatas. The theater play will be presented in February. The board game will be based on literature and ethnographic research about Troizinia and Methana that the children are already conducting.

The objective of the workshop

The workshop aims at acquainting children with various forms of art and documenting local culture and history, through an innovative mix of artistic media. “Art-capsule” will “capture” children’s activities in three directions. The children will gather information about the area through interviews and various sources. Under the guidance of experts, they will be inspired by this material and transform it into art, using various artistic media (theater improvisation and play, singing, construction, painting, etc.). The result of the workshop will constitute legacy for future generations.

The board game

Children will create a board game. It will capture all the information they have gathered in their research, as well as the artistic methods they have learned. The game will be produced in a small number of copies, so that it can be used by the Centers themselves in the future, but also be loaned to local schools.

The painting workshop

“Art-capsule” “plays” with children’s colored strings. Through this activity, children will become familiar with the art of painting. The Painting Workshop will be offered by painter Mara Dimopoulou. During the workshop, they will come in contact with various techniques, so that they can discern the way of expression that suits them. The interviews and the research of the local area will provide inspiration for the children’s creations.

Mara Dimopoulou is a visual artist, graduate of the Fine Arts School and a member of Katheti’s team. She does paintings and installations. Her work would be better characterized as expressionistic. She has participated in many exhibitions since 2010 and is a member of the EN-FLO team since 2011. She has coordinated several group exhibitions throughout Greece. 

The theater play

In this stage, “Art-capsule” promotes theater culture. It gives children tools so that they can improvise, play, create and enjoy the theater process and praxis in all of its steps. These steps include from the conception of the idea and the improvisation, to the collaboration on the stage and the direction, the scenography, the music and the costumes. The theater play will utilize some of the art forms that the children will have come into contact with during the workshops.

The workshop organized by Katheti in collaboration with the Children’s Centers for Creative Activities (ΚΔΑΠ) of Troizinia and Methana has an entertaining and educational character. With this as well as similar activities, such as the Christmas Ornaments Workshop, the children’s play “Ο ραφτάκος των λέξων” (The Small Tailor of Words) and the book presentation “Τελικά μιλάνε τα βιβλία;” (Do books actually talk?), Katheti aims to support and enhance children’s creative imagination.

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