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Children’s Play “Aesop’s Fable Fights”

21 June 24
Suggrou open theater
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June 21 | 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Free entrance


Children’s Play “Aesop’s Fable Fights”

21 June 24

Five ancient myths of Aesop meet the children of today! The theater company “Mikros Notos” (Little South) presents the children’s play “Aesop’s Fable Fights” on Friday 21 June at 8:00 pm, at Syggrou open theater, and invites children to an interactive experience full of games, live music, humour and unpredictable transformations! A modern look at the Aesop’s myths centered around the importance of coexistence. The play is in Greek. Free entrance.

Battles, quarrels, conflicts, rivalries and feuds make up an explosive setting in a performance where children take an active role as the stories unfold. Drums, guitar, harp, rainsticks, kazoo, kalimba, music bowl and many other musical instruments give life and rhythm to a show that speaks with allegories about life. The actorś along with the children talk through stories and myths about core values such as peace, justice, friendship, hard work, the power of thought, solidarity, love, bravery and reconciliation.

About the theater company “Mikros Notos”

Since 2012, the theater company “Mikros Notos” (Little South) has been creating interactive performances with live music from well-known, traditional and original musical instruments, while it draws its themes from stories, myths, traditions and fairy tales from folk tradition. “We create performances from the heart with responsibility and respect, which focus on the child and their meaningful interaction and relationship with the actors”, explains Chrysa Diamantopoulou, actress – specialized in Educational Theater, artistic director of the theater company Mikros Notos.

With the support of the Municipality of Poros

Through this and many other activities such as “We create Christmas decorations and hike together“, Children’s Fest, the children’s performances “The Small Tailor of Words” and “Stones that Talk and Tell Tales“, and the presentation of the book “Do books actually talk?“, in collaboration with the local community, Katheti seeks to support and enhance the creativity and imagination of children. At the same time with theatrical performances, such as “The Small Tailor of Words”, “Passage”, and “The Story of a Dog Called Faithful”, Katheti aims to set in motion the creativity already existing in the local community as well as to support and strengthen local cultural expression.

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