chorus workshop

Choral workshop “Fairy tale without a name”

December 2022-May 2023
Hatzopouleios Municipal Library, Poros
Every Wednesday
Participation cost:

€10 monthly per person


Telephone: 22980 43825


Choral workshop “Fairy tale without a name”

December 2022-May 2023

Katheti is pleased to announce the beginning of the meetings for the choral workshop “Fairy tale without a name”. Let’s create our own fairytale! Katheti organizes a choral workshop that will lead to a theater performance. The workshop is offered for Katheti by Sofia Zarani and throughout the course, we will work on the songs from the ” Παραμύθι χωρίς όνομα” (Fairytale without a name). The meetings will take place every Wednesday from 5pm until 7pm at Hatzopouleios Municipal Library. The participation cost is €10 monthly per person.

The collaboration

Sofia Zarani is a musician specialized in classical and modern singing. She holds a diploma in monody from the Philippos Nakas Conservatory and the London Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She has sung in opera performances and concerts both in Greece and abroad, with orchestras or smaller independent musical ensembles. She has collaborated with young composers and poets by singing or recording their compositions and works for the first time. She has recorded children’s songs for Philippos Nakas publications and participated as a vocalist in the discography of famous and less known artists. At the same time, for the past decade, she has taught music theory and singing in public and private schools in London and to adults.

The workshop

“Παραμύθι χωρίς όνομα” is one of Iakovos Κampanellis’ most beloved works, based on the namesake story by Greek writer Penelope Delta. The Ministry of Culture and Sports, wishing to honor the author for his timeless work, declared 2022 “Year of Iakovos Kampanellis”. The music that will be taught in the choral workshop is written by Manos Hatzidakis for the theater play.

The choral workshop “Fairy tale without a name” is an excellent opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the art of singing and work on the theater play’s music as a choral ensemble. It includes voice and body work. It also aims to end with a concert performance, after a few months of steady practice.

Katheti promotes culture and the arts in all their forms. This is also the reason why the actions are linked to education and artistic expression! In the past Katheti has organized the music workshop «Synthesis & Anasynthesis» as well as the theater workshop “Theater documentation of Poros and Troizinia-Methana”, which led to the successful performance “Passage”. In the summer, Katheti also organized the three-day theatrical seminar “From the tribes of the world to our ‘tribe’” and brought the play “Ιστορία ενός σκύλου που τον έλεγαν πιστό” (The story of a dog called faithful) to our area.

This year we invite you to something different. Participate in the choral workshop “Fairy tale without a name” to travel with Manos Hatzidakis’ music.

We are grateful to Yannis Maniatis for allowing us to use Hatzopouleios Municipal Library for the needs of the workshop.

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