Circular tourism

May 13th-15th, 2022

Circular tourism


In the islands of Attica

Tourism is a key driving force behind the Greek economy. However, the concentration of relatively large populations in small areas, such as islands, also has negative consequences. Circular tourism provides practices and solutions to many of the problems created in insular and low-density areas. The Regional Unit of Attica Islands has organised three days of actions dedicated to circular tourism in Aigina, on May 13th-15th, 2022, with the support of CIVINET. Katheti and the Ec(h)o initiative will also take part in the action as co-organizers.

Circular economy and circular tourism

Circular tourism, as an idea, is based on the principles of circular economy. By circular economy, we are referring to a new economic development model which aims to reduce waste, the necessity for new resources and environmental costs. Therefore, the application of the principles of circular economy results in improved living conditions and the prosperity of citizens.

The European Project Incircle

The circular tourism conference takes place within the framework of Interreg MED’s European project Incircle. 14 partners from five different Mediterranean countries collaborate in this project.

Incircle searches for solutions by applying the practices of a circular economy to the tourism sector. It researches new methods for harnessing natural resources and aims to safeguard the areas’ natural and cultural heritage, as well as their landscapes, identities and attractiveness.

The event in Aigina

Co-organizers and coordinators of the event’s actions include: the Region of Attica, the Municipality of Aegina, the Attica Islands Network, the Attica Cycling Community, the Kytherian Foundation for Culture and Development, the informal initiative for the promotion of sustainable tourism in Poros, Troizina and Methana Ec(h)o, the cultural and educational organisation for the sustainable development of Poros, Troizina and Methana Katheti, and the specialised organisation for hiking tourism Trace Your Eco.

During the three days, integral elements of sustainable tourism, such as hiking and cycling tourism, will be highlighted. The schedule includes touring and clean-ups of the island’s traditional footpaths, walking, swimming, cycling and hiking. Additionally, discussions regarding Circular Tourism Strategy and the best practices of the tourism industry will take place.

Our vision for our area

Katheti works towards a very specific vision. The showcasing of our area’s wealth and its development with respect for both people and the environment. It searches for ideas and practices which would fit well with our area’s characteristics, guiding its citizens to prosperity. Circular tourism, the “smart villages”, Project Resound’s workshops and the sustainable tourism model for Poros, Troizina and Methana make up “tanks” from which we will pump out ideas to work towards improved living conditions.