Fish farms on Poros: Why the residents are against it



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Northen beaches

Cleaning the Northern Beaches of Poros

1 June 23

Northern beaches of Poros

Meeting point:

Poros taxi pier

June 1, 2023 | 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Thursday, 1st of June


9 pm



Tel: +30 2298043825

Limited space, please book now


Cleaning the Northern Beaches of Poros

1 June 23

On Thursday, 1st of June, 2023, we are cleaning the northern beaches of Poros. Following an initiative by Dive in Blue, Poros Fishing Trips, and Nakas Motor Boat Rentals & RIB Charters, Katheti actively participates and promotes this beach cleaning event. The boats will depart towards the island’s northern beaches from the Poros taxi pier at 9 am. If you want to participate as a volunteer, you can contact us by phone at 22980 43825 or via email at Seats for volunteers are limited.

Every year 11,500 tons of plastic waste ends up in the Mediterranean. Almost 70% of that waste pollutes the Greek coasts, seriously affecting our health and economy in tourism, shipping, and fishing. Unfortunately, most of the garbage from the coastline of Attica and the Aegean Sea ends up at the island’s northern beach. Cleaning the northern beaches of Poros can reveal their beauty and make them more attractive to tourist boats.

Katheti actively supports the natural environment’s improvement and the sustainable development of our area by taking action and supporting programs such as the WWF program “adopt a beach”. At the same time, Katheti, working with local bodies which promote sustainable tourism, chose to highlight the big local topic of the degradation of the marine environment by saying “no” to the development of industrial fisheries at Poros.

We want to thank Giorgos Anagnostopoulos, Yiannis Nakas, and Tassos Ladas for the initiative they undertook.

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Photo credits: Tassos Ladas