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Coaching at Katheti

February 2020-
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Entrepreneurship | Mind-Body

Coaching at Katheti

February 2020-

Since February 2020, Katheti, with coach Fay Orfanidou, has been offering Business and Life Coaching. These sessions are addressed to locals. The coaching sessions are part of the personal and professional development program “Life & Career”, which also includes Career Guidance and Mentoring.

Coaching is the collaboration between coach and coachee in a creative thought-provoking process that inspires the coachee to maximize their personal and professional potential.

During coaching, the coach supports the coachee to make the changes they want and dream of in their life, either on a personal or professional level. Coaching is not psychotherapy, counseling, training or mentoring, because it is focused on today-tomorrow and the solution, without guidance. Only the coachee is responsible for achieving their goals.

Enough said by us though. Let’s hear from the people from the area and elsewhere that have already started to achieve their goals through Coaching at Katheti, with Fay Orfanidou.

“There are times that you want to make a decision and for some reason you are not moving in the direction that would help you to make it. For five years, I had been thinking to continue my studies, after my bachelor’s degree, but I wasn’t making up my mind to do it. In this path, I opted for Fay Orfanidou to support me as coach. She was acting as my inner voice, but without being judgmental, the way even I was towards myself. Seeking answers to the questions that she was posing to me, which were directly tied to the goal that I had set for myself; the path that I had selected was becoming increasingly clear. Her understanding, respect and encouragement were elements that fed me and, in the end, I applied for the master’s course that I wanted.

The application was successful and in five months I will begin a new path.” G.M.

“Some time ago, I was in a period where I had to make serious decisions about many very big changes in my life (to emigrate).

And whilst I make the decisions relatively quickly, it was very difficult for me to take all the necessary steps in order to realize them.

Fay helped me put everything I had to do in order and to be consistent in achieving them step by step. Now everything is in order and in a few months I’m leaving. What will stay with me from coaching, however -apart of course from the fact that I managed to take the steps that stressed me and I didn’t know where to start from- is how many things I learnt about myself, my habits that affect many times in my life, and mainly that I am able to change the habits that keep me back. It was also very comforting and helpful for me that Fay always supported and pushed me, without pressuring me.

Whether and when I would “fly” was my responsibility, but I really felt that she was giving me all the tools and undivided attention, support and help that allowed me to find my way, open my wings and make the first test flights little by little and in a safe environment.” A.P.

“The session starts with the reminder of hard-and-fast rules: confidentiality, she will not judge me, I am responsible, the coach is here to support me. Consistency and commitment is required, from both of us. And this causes me an uneasy smile -because it is difficult for me.

I can imagine that for each is a special, different experience. And every coaching cycle between coach and coachee a “unique work”. How did I experience it?

It opened doors for me -inward. It helped me untangle some tangles of thoughts and wishes, to understand better and to be able to say with certainty what I want.

Or, on the other hand, to say “I don’t want to decide on this yet”. It put me in a process to find tools and ways to go one step further.

Many times, it gave me trouble: when I didn’t want to commit to a goal, when I had to realize and admit that my way of thinking limits me. But -in some strange way- it always left me in the end of the session with a smile, energy, food for thought until the next time and a little more confidence and trust in my strengths.” M.F.

“A game of strategy and knowledge (coaching). Two players. A magic mirror (coach) and myself (coachee). The rules are simple. You look at your soul in the magic mirror and you see your strengths and weaknesses. No one will judge you. After all, how can a mirror judge you?? You will never be abashed, no matter what. The mirror, as a magician, asks you questions and you answer without thinking that there is a right or wrong answer. There isn’t. So one game… one hour a week… One winner, and always the same: Me! You understand it and exploit it accordingly. You make difficult situations easy. How? Simple! The magic mirror is there and waits for you every week to help you maintain your strengths, maybe even make them even stronger, and whatever you don’t like, to fix or get rid of it!!“ K.C.

The answers are within you. Only you can solve the problem. You and you alone are the solution. All knowledge derives from you.

With the proper questions and the professionalism of the coach, you always end up with a winning smile, realizing that the answer to all your problems, stresses and weaknesses is in your hands!” M.D.

“I started coaching very tentatively, at a stage of my life that I didn’t know how to handle several aspects of it. Initially, everything was tangled up in my mind, but, gradually, the landscape started to clear. From the first few sessions already, I started setting goals, even though I doubted myself. Then, I started realizing them and that made me feel stronger. Little by little, everything was getting in order, without me even realizing it.

I learnt to believe in myself and to feel confident. To put into schedule everything I want to achieve, either on a personal or on a professional level, and realize them. I now feel that I have everything I need in order to do whatever I want.

Coaching taught me to reflect on myself, to listen to myself and to understand what I really want.  I would say that coaching is like learning how to walk in life, and if you know how to walk, you feel confident to run when needed. If I ever forget how to walk, now I know where to go for lessons…

I hope you manage to make more people feel like I do!” S.L.

“Coaching ends with me having my boundaries clearer in my head and trying to balance them out with my desires. Carrying on with my fight against the suppression that I let myself go through and thinking of the ways in which I can improve in this area further. Accepting the fact that this fight doesn’t end easily or might even never end. Contemplating about where I am now since I started a couple of years ago. Having found some strategies that help me in this fight but also in my everyday life. It ends with me being less worried about what might come, the things I will be faced with and the things I might need to put aside, accept or try not to change.” K.N.

Coaching at Katheti
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