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Continuing with our “adopted” beaches

06/07/2022 & 17/07/2022
Agia Sotira beach, Galatas
Vagionia beach, Poros.
July 6th, 2022
July 17th, 2022
11:00 am


Continuing with our “adopted” beaches

06/07/2022 & 17/07/2022

Every year 11,500 tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the Mediterranean. Almost 70% of that waste pollutes the Greek coasts, seriously affecting not only our health, but also our economy in the sectors of tourism, shipping and fishing. From June 2021, Katheti, as a member of the Ec(h)o initiative, joined WWF’s program “Adopt a Beach”, by adopting the beaches of Agia Sotira in Galatas and Vagionia in Poros. We will meet again on July 6th and 17th on the beaches of Agia Sotira and Vagionia respectively. Additionally, in Vagionia, we are mobilizing in order to support our area’s fight against industrial scale fisheries. The reasons we are continuing with our adopted beaches are, on the one hand the obvious benefits of the clean-ups, and on the other hand the valuable data collected from recording collected waste, as they reveal the specific conditions under which pollution occurs in each area.

By finding the problem, we find the solution

WWF’s program “Adopt a Beach” has a panhellenic scope. Within its context, observation of coastal pollution takes place in line with established scientific methods, and simultaneously data is recorded. Observation and evaluation result in effective measures being put in place for the protection of marine life and of our health, as we also consume plastic in the form of microplastics found in our food.

The program’s aim is the development of timelines which would enable the recognition of trends in relation to the snapshots of simple clean-ups. This information leads to effective measures being put in place, resulting in healthy marine environments and the sustainable development of human activities.

Until now, 95,727 pieces of trash have been recorded in approximately 7,800 metres of coastlines. The target number of coastal waste necessary to achieve the goal of a good environmental state is 20 pieces of trash per 100 metres of beach. On the beach with the most waste, the number recorded was 248 times bigger than the minimum target. On the beach with the least waste, it was approximately double the amount of the target.

The two beaches in our area were selected because they fulfil both the accessibility and orientation criteria set out by WWF. Additionally, Vagionia beach was selected because it is located near the area selected for Organized Aquaculture Development (ΠΟΑΥ). We stand united with the citizens of Poros, who are fighting against the industrial scale fisheries, as our vision for the area is expressed through sustainable tourism. Therefore, we continue working on our “adopted” beaches, with consistency and undiminishable interest.

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