Counseling for job seekers

Vaggelis Tartarakis
With arranged appointment

Free for Katheti’s members
Annual membership fee:
€20 for adults
€10 for unemployed and children




Counseling for job seekers


Has it ever happened to you that you left a job interview with the thought that you could have done better? That you could have supported yourself more and projected a better professional image during the process? Job seeking holds a lot of secrets. Katheti’s new service “Counseling for job seekers” aims at supporting you in this effort. Career Counselor and CIPD Chartered Human Resources Manager Vangelis Tartarakis collaborates pro bono with Katheti in order to transfer his knowledge and experience to people who would like to evolve in the way they are looking for a job.

Internet offers more and more job searching options, but this is not enough. This process acquires good preparation, that is not limited to diplomas and qualifications. Self-presentation in an interview and the building of a comprehensive CV play an extremely important part in the positive outcome of job searching. However, experts in the field tell us that this is only the beginning. A good LinkedIn presentation, looking for the more appropriate for us work positions, where we send our CV and accompanying letter are usually terra incognita for most candidates.

Through a series of four (4) personal sessions, job seekers will develop skills such as self-presentation, CV building and LinkedIn presentation, as well as knowledge about who is the best people to send their CV to and the appropriate content of an accompanying letter.

“Counseling for job seekers” compliments Katheti’s Career Guidance, Mentoring and Coaching services. They are elements of the personal and professional development program “Life & Career”. Participants must be or become members of Katheti.

Meet Vangelis Tartarakis

Vangelis Tartarakis was born in 1972, descending from two very old and historic Poros families. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Southbank University of London and a Masters of Marketing Management from Middlesex University of London.

He has contributed in the profitability, organization and smooth operation of many large organizations either as Sales Manager, in the beginning of his career, or as Human Resources Director.

He successfully collaborated with senior managerial executives of organizations and public bodies in Dubai (UAE) in a very large construction group, in tourist groups in Chalkidiki, in a large Sports & Gaming group (Gazzetta, Novibet, etc) in Athens, and in a large yachting maritime company. His experience in terms of numbers includes over 5,500 hirings and management of projects of over €4.5 billion, with a record of over 1 million work hours without a death or injury in large scale projects.

He has a perfect theoretical and practical knowledge of Labor Law in Greece, in the UK and in the Middle East.

Additionally, since 2019, Vangelis Tartarakis manages his own recruitment and human resources counseling services office, Indigo HMC, with collaborators some of the largest Greek companies, as well as collaborations from Europe and the Middle East. Since 2014, he is a chartered member of the global community of Human Resources professionals, a title that very few people in Greece hold.

Vangelis loves Poros from a very small age. He visits the island whenever he gets a chance, and he would like to support it, in any capacity. Those who know him talk about his energy and passion for anything he does. Continuous education and learning as well as helping the youth with his experience are his life goals.