Entrepreneurship | Work Skills

Digital Marketing Webinar

December 2020
Online, through Zoom
Registration, information:
Telephone: +30 22980 43825
Email: info@katheti.gr
December 2020
First meeting:
9th of December 2020
Free for Katheti's Members

Annual membership fee:
€20 for adults
€10 for unemployed and children

Entrepreneurship | Work Skills

Digital Marketing Webinar

December 2020

Are you professionally interested in the digital communication world but you have questions that you don’t know how to answer? Would you like to take advantage of the possibilities that digital technology and the internet give you but you don’t know how? Do you feel that your business would be more competitive if it used social media in a better way? Katheti, listening to the needs of local professionals, decided to organize a Digital Marketing Webinar, tailored to the participants’ needs.

Marketing expert Anthi Tsiola will structure the webinar and modify its content based on a questionnaire that will be sent to the participants, as well as based on the wishes that they will express on the first online meeting, which will take place in the beginning of December. The schedule (days and times, number of meetings) will be jointly finalized after the first meeting.

What is digital marketing and why is it important for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs)?

Digital marketing is the use of websites and social media for the promotion of products or services.

The clientele at which an SMB can aim online is definitely larger than the clientele which it can target locally in its space/place of business. By using digital marketing practices, SMBs can aim at a variety of target groups, in an efficient way, with controlled cost and measurable results.

The main advantages of digital marketing for SMBs are:

  1. Interaction and two-way communication with potential or existing target groups and information about their needs and preferences. 
  2. Possibility for communication and promotion to wider target groups (global market).
  3. It is a controlled investment, with immediate, measurable and much more economical results than those of traditional channels and ways of communication, such as advertisements.
  4. The competition is already online. There is a multitude and variety of competitive enterprises in all sectors.
  5. Acquaintance and direct communication with clients and target groups, and understanding of needs and preferences. Establishment of contact and direct relationship, which leads to building of trust and, by extension, branding.


You can register at info@katheti.gr. The Digital Marketing Webinar will take place online through Zoom and, in order to attend, one must be a member of Katheti. You can become a member by paying an annual fee of 20 euros (10 euros for unemployed and children). As members, you get a named membership card, priority in our activities, and the privilege to borrow books from our library.