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From the tribes of the world to our “tribe”

29 July 22
Ξενώνας Αρσινόη, Μεγαλοχώρι Μεθάνων

July 29th-31st, 2022

Friday 29/7: 6-10 pm
Saturday 30/7: 10 am-2 pm
Sunday 31/7: 10 am-2 pm

Only seminar €100
Accommodation in room with breakfast €150
Tent with breakfast €115

Katheti: +30 2298043825,

Activities | Culture

From the tribes of the world to our “tribe”

29 July 22

Between July 29th and 31st, Katheti is organizing the three-day theatrical seminar “From the tribes of the world to our ‘tribe’”, with Kostas Gakis. The topic of the seminar will be the “tribe” and the stories of the world’s tribes. The group will process in a theatrical way stories of tribes from all over the world. The seminar is intended for actors, non-actors, educators and generally whomever loves stories and human coziness. It will take place in Arsinoe guesthouse, in Megalochori of Methana, and the duration of each daily session will be four hours.


The seminar

The seminar “From the tribes of the world to our ‘tribe’” is an attempt of anthropological theater for the humanity that is dying off. The subject of the seminar is the stories of world’s tribes which hold secrets of empathy, love, organic and natural life, which we, the “civilized”, have lost. Each member of the group will have the mission of finding two stories: one story from tribes of the world and one from their own life or the life of their ancestors, that will in some way interact with the center theme of “tribe”.

At the same time, Kostas Gakis is going to share some useful exercises, warm-ups and theatrical games of his own conception, which help in the liberation of expressive means and reinforce togetherness, spontaneity and effortless participation. During the seminar, the possibility of texts, stories, narrations, dreams, myths and songs being transformed into theatrical action will be investigated, according to the method of Kostas Gakis “Towards a theater of the feasible”. The goal is to create a team that will resemble a tribe of magical synergy, therapy and escape from the tough or dull reality.

Kostas Gakis is a musician, stage director, actor, dramatist and author. He graduated from the Greek National Theatre Drama School and the University of Athens Faculty of History and Archaeology. Combining all his qualities, he also works as a group motivator. In 2006 he received the “Dimitris Horn” theater award. He has directed various plays including but not limited to “Το δέντρο του Οιδίποδα” (The tree of Oedipus), “Ρωμαίος και Ιουλιέτα για 2” (Romeo and Juliet for 2), “Από την Αντιγόνη στη Μήδεια” (From Antigone to Medea) and “Ιστορία χωρίς Όνομα” (Story without a name).


The venue

Arsinoe Cosy Guesthouse is located in Megalochori of Methana, near the volcano and approximately 1 km from the closest beach. It has an amazing view and the bay of Epidaurus in the horizon. The area is polymorphic and the environment is quiet, embraced by the amphitheatrical Megalochori. Nature, but also human effort, created corners of engagement and pleasure. Green is dominating, as a continuation of the natural environment. In the courtyard area of the guesthouse, visitors find or create their own corners of enjoyment and relaxation. The guesthouse offers fresh local products and fine, distinguished wines. The serene natural environment, coupled with the stories that the members of the group will share, are going to create the circumstances for a full getaway.

The participation fee is €150 for accommodation in a room and breakfast, or €115 for accommodation in a tent and breakfast. The tents and the camping equipment are not provided, but accessibility to WC and shower facilities are provided. There is also the possibility of a meal with organic products and cost of €13 in the guesthouse. The participants will have the opportunity to watch the performance “Ιστορία ενός σκύλου που τον έλεγαν πιστό” (The story of a dog called faithful) on Poros, on July 30th, at half the price of the ticket, at €5. For your transportation, a sort of private means of transport is needed.

Katheti, with its activities, like the theater documentation of Poros, Troizinia and Methana workshop, the “Passage” theater play, the visual arts exhibition “Bridges” and the photo exhibition “Athlesis”, is aiming to set in motion the creativity that already exists in the local community, as well as to support and promote local cultural expression.

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