karababas book

“In the footsteps of the Jews of Greece”

Syggrou Amphitheater, Poros
August 5th, 2022



“In the footsteps of the Jews of Greece”


Anastasio Karababas’s book presentation

The history of our country has many aspects. Some of them are dealt with in Anastasio Karambabas’s book “In the footsteps of the Jews of Greece”, which is a journey from antiquity to the present day. On Friday, August 5th at 9 pm, a presentation of the book and a speech on the topic of the modern history of Greece, the management of memory and the role of education will take place on Poros, under the auspices of Poros Municipality. The lecturers will be Anastasio Karambabas, professor, historian and writer, Yannis Maniatis, naval officer and director of the Hatzopouleios Municipal Library of Poros, and Marina Dori, philologist. The presentation will take place at the Syggrou Amphitheater. Co-organizers of the event are Psychogios Publications, the Municipality of Poros and the Hatzopouleios Library.

The book

The book “In the footsteps of the Jews of Greece” is the first attempt to scientifically present in the Greek literature a comprehensive and detailed overview of the history of the Jews of Greece. It contains testimonies, photographs, poems, and songs from the moment they showed up in Greece, to the Holocaust and thereafter. Additionally, it attempts to highlight the contribution of the Greek Jews to the economic, cultural, intellectual, and political life of Greece.

Through its pages, it reveals to us that perhaps in no other European country is the Jewish presence so diverse and interesting as in Greece. It brings to light facts, testimonies and human stories that until today remained unknown to many of us. For instance, the earliest signs of Jewish presence on Greek soil date back to antiquity. The oldest synagogue in Europe is located οn Delos, from the 2nd century BC. Thessaloniki was known as the “Jerusalem of the Balkans”. In Ioannina, Chalkida, Arta and Patra, the Israelites managed to preserve their traditions for centuries.

The author

Anastasio Karababas is a professor of History, Geography, Ethics and Civic Education at the Alliance des Pavillons high school in Paris. He specializes in the Holocaust and the history of anti-Semitism. He is a member of the international network of the World Israelite Alliance (Alliance Israélite Universelle–AIU).

He tells us: “I presented the book under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens on June 27th. The next ones are on Rhodes on July 24th and on Poros on August 5th. In autumn, I will be in Ioannina and Thessaloniki. Poros and Galatas are important to me, because I grew up there. I really want to present my research in my place of origin.”

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