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Internet safety

13 March 22
March 13, 2022 | 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Free of charge

Instructor: Maria Pateraki

Katheti: +30 2298043825,


Internet safety

13 March 22

How many hours a day do you spend in the internet? The internet is an important tool in modern times. It is used for carrying out professional obligations, for accessing digital services, as well as a means for entertainment and communication. But it also has a dark side, especially for children. The “Internet safety” seminar is organized by Katheti, with Maria Pateraki as instructor. It is addressed to parents, but also to anyone who is interested in the subject. It will take place online on Sunday, March 13th and it will last from 11:00 to 14:00. The seminar is free of charge, but reservations are necessary, so that we can send you the participation link.


The current situation

Internet has evolved rapidly. It has brought many conveniences and benefits to our daily lives, but, in essence, it reflects our society. Everything that occurs in the natural world can also happen online. Thus, apart from the advantages it offers, it often becomes the means for abusive or even criminal behavior.

The disadvantages of internet’s quick evolution are shortcomings in the legislative framework, management of personal data by third parties and a difficulty in the prevention of illegal acts. It is therefore important to discuss Internet safety, since downgrading or ignorance of the risk can have disastrous consequences. This fact becomes even more important when it comes to children. They now have access to the Internet, often unsupervised, at an increasingly younger age.


The seminar

The “Internet safety” seminar provides all the necessary information for the development of critical faculty especially to children and adolescents. It also outlines the behavior of the responsible digital citizen. Of course, children are now taught at school issues related to internet safety. However, they lack the necessary experience to properly assess the risks. Their lack of experience is remedied through the guidance and supervision of parents. Proper guidance and effective supervision, however, means knowledge of the subject. The “Internet safety” seminar gives us the opportunity to improve this knowledge so as to protect both people of sensitive ages and ourselves.

Topics such as addiction, body image, hate speech, fake news, grooming, revenge porn, cyber bullying, internet challenges, the dark web, fraud and purchases of products and pharmaceuticals will be elaborated upon during the seminar. The ways to address these issues will also be discussed, as well as how supportive frameworks through family, school and relevant bodies can function.


The instructor

Maria Pateraki is a computer science teacher since 2004, appointed to Galatas Junior High School since 2008. The seminar’s topic is included in her lesson’s curriculum. She was the coordinator of the Thematic Week program. She also has received trainings on Children’s Rights and Childhood, Bullying and Sex Education through programs of Greek universities. Maria Pateraki is the coordinates the “Conflict Management through Peer Mediation” program since 2019, at Galatas Junior High School. She is also the owner and administrator of the “School Peer Mediation” website, that provides information and educational material on peer mediation in Greek. Read Maria Pateraki’s interview with Katheti.

With the “Internet safety” seminar, Katheti aims to improve our knowledge, so that access to the digital world, and especially of minors, who are formed and who receive multiple stimuli from it, is always pleasant and free from risks. With the support of those who seek to broaden their horizons at its center, Katheti has in the past organized many successful seminars on topics such as presentation and public speech skills, strategic career, digital marketing, soft skills, as well as a series of seminars for teachers. It has offered programming lessons and continues to offer counseling for job seekers and career guidance, as well as free mental health and self-care services.