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Painting Workshop 2021-2022

October-November 2021
Katheti, 25 March St., Galatas
2 hours, once a week
Participation fee:

For Katheti’s members, participation is €40 in three installments (€20, €10, €10) or €35 one-off.

For non-members of Katheti participation is 50 in three installments (€20, €20, €10) or €45 if paid in a lump sum.

Katheti’s members who signed up last year and did not use their discount on Katheti’s services due to Covid can take advantage of the benefits provided to them by their last year subscription for a program of their choice. 

Number of participants:

Classes up to 5 persons

From 16 to 106 years old


Katheti,, 2298043825

Art Workshops | Culture

Painting Workshop 2021-2022

October-November 2021

Painting is a hobby and a creative way-out with many applications in everyday life. For the third year in a row, Katheti’s Painting Workshop offers to beginners the opportunity to practice their inclination in painting and to invest their time creatively. This year, the courses will last from October 12th to December 14th, their duration will be two hours and they will take place every Tuesday from 15:00 to 17:00. 

The Painting Workshop will be offered to a group of 4-5 people and will be held at Katheti’s space in Galatas by painter Mara Dimopoulou. It will include painting and drawing lessons of 20 hours in total. During the course, various techniques will be presented: drawing, shading, color theory, and the movements that influenced painting. Theory and exercises are accompanied by discussion and analysis. 

Seats is limited. A first come, first served priority system will be followed. Register now to reserve your seat at the Painting Workshop. 

Mara Dimopoulou is a visual artist, graduate of the Fine Arts School and a member of Katheti’s team. She does paintings and installations. Her work would be better characterized as expressionistic. She has participated in many exhibitions since 2010 and is a member of the EN-FLO team since 2011. She has coordinated several group exhibitions throughout Greece.  

For those who live far and cannot attend the Painting Workshop, there is another alternative: The Online Painting Workshop is available gratis to those who wish to attend it and consists of six thematic modules. Each module has theory and exercises. If you wish, you can get free feedback on your exercises from the painter Mara Dimopoulou, with your annual subscription as a member of Katheti. The uploaded lessons are accessible to everyone in PDF and video format.  

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