“Passage” theater play

29/8 Open Theatre of Kammeni Chora, Methana
30/8 Eco-glamping Odyssey, Galatas (entrance from the sea side)
26/9 Cine Diana, Poros
August 29th, 2021
August 30th, 2021
September 26th, 2021


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Reservation is recommended because seats are limited due to the pandemic measures. 

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“Passage” theater play

One school nurse, one kindergarten teacher, one translator with studies in culture, social sciences and education, one pharmaceutical employee and amateur fashion designer, two moms and three housewives. What will they do on August 29th at the Open Theatre of Kammeni Chora in Methana? And then, on Monday, August 30th at the eco-glamping Odyssey in Galatas? And then in September on Poros? They will present “Passage” theater play, the result of the workshop “Theater documentation of Poros and Troizinia-Methana”. Christina tells us: “It’s not just a show. It is research, recording, imagination, creation, tears, laughter, bonding, friendship, love for the place and its people. Through this effort I have known and appreciated once again the place where I grew up.”

“Passage” theater play is an amateur documentary-theater performance. It was created through improvisations by a local amateur group, based on the seminar “Hydra: A theatrical documentation” of the director, musician, actor and drama teacher Kostas Gakis. Learn more about Kostas Gakis in the interview he gave to Katheti with his collaborator Natasha-Faii Kosmidou. Assistant director Natasha-Faii Kosmidou supported as a volunteer in the direction of “Passage” theater play.

The preparation

The group researched, collected and recorded stories of our area from bibliographical sources and interviews of locals and jointly created a play. Marianthi tells us: “It was a special experience. A different walk in the alleys and stories of Poros and in the hearts of people who became important through this walk.”

For almost a year, the group, through many exercises, such as, for example, inspirational exercises for the creation of monologues and timing of gestures and speech in the theatrical act, formed the material it collected and studied. Matina tells us about her experience: “All the effort for me is a beautiful journey with a season ticket. I met beautiful people, new aspects and skills of myself, I got to know more about the history of my place, I learned techniques, I acquainted creators. The main thing is that I met real and extraordinary people. A wonderful group which, I hope, will continue to exist and become bigger. Thank you all, one by one!”

The challenge that became an opportunity

And all this happened in unfavorable conditions of confinement and isolation, due to the pandemic. However, the group members saw the difficulty as a challenge and turned it into an opportunity. They used digital tools, initially for meetings and rehearsals, which eventually became part of the project. Elli tells us about the time she spent with the group: “A very beautiful and meaningful journey towards inspiration and creativity, which was well hidden. Also, coexisting with the specific people in the group has enabled me a tremendous development in personal insecurities. I highly recommend it!”; and Mara adds: “It’s much more than a theater group, it’s company, laughter, worries, play and energy!”

The door that opened

Katheti, in the past with Smallville and now with this endeavor, has opened a door that will not close with one theater performance, but, with time as an ally, will continue to evolve and aim for further promoting the local theatrical culture.

Konstantina tells us: “Imagine that you are in front of a door, which has a huge crimson ribbon on it. You open it and a warm, golden light comes out of it. When you cross it, you will find wonderful people who are ready to help you discover how creative you can be, how much inspiration you can have. You can search with them and discover wonderful stories from the past. And finally, you can call them your friends, and mean it, because at the point you might think you have to give up and you don’t belong there, they’ll give you the strength to keep going. So this door leads to the Theater Documentation of Poros and Troizinia-Methana“.

The theater documentation of our area will continue to be enriched with stories of people who, with their actions, large and small, paint on the canvas of local history. If you want to help by adding your own story to our research, you can contact us.

Or, even better, if you want to join the group, you can be sure that you will feel like Maria, who declares: “I feel very lucky to be part of this group, with these wonderful people! Also, I feel great joy that the more I learn about my place the more I love it! Thank you for the whole experience!”

**Audience will enter the Eco-glamping Odyssey, in Galatas, from the second entrance of the estate by the sea (bottom side). The boat “Τζων Νάκης” (John Nakis) will wait on Poros and will depart at 8:15 from the point where they leave for Askeli. The transfer will be free of charge and with return after the end of the performance.  

Please book due to limited seats. 

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