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Resolving Conflicts through Peer Mediation – 4

January 2021
Maria Pateraki
Maria Louiza Andriakopoulou
Evgenia Saridou
January 2021
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Work Skills | Work Skills

Resolving Conflicts through Peer Mediation – 4

January 2021

For the third consecutive year, Katheti supports the Peer Mediation Team of Galatas High School, coordinated by teacher Maria Pateraki, with the seminar “Resolving Conflicts through Peer Mediation”. Starting January, Katheti will host the team’s ongoing training, initially from Zoom, and as soon as living conditions allow, at Katheti’s space in Galatas.

What is Peer Mediation

Mediation is a peaceful process for resolving a conflict/dispute. Peer mediation contributes to creating a communication and collaboration framework and it consequently prevents the occurrence of school violence of any form, aiming at a more peaceful school. During the seminar, the participants are trained in the principles and the techniques of peer mediation, through presentations, experiential and interactive exercises, during which they contribute with their own experience. Moreover, the theoretical concepts are practiced and reviewed through simulations. The seminar is part of the “School of Educators”. After the training has been completed, the participants can −if they wish to do so− introduce peer mediation into their school by creating and training a group of student/mediators.

The trainers are the volunteers Maria Louiza Andriakopoulou and Evgenia Saridou, members of the company Dialogos Business and Family Mediation.

Photos: Dora Stavropoulou, Fay Orfanidou