exhibition athlesis

Photo exhibition “Athlesis”

26 May 22
Κτίριο Συγγρού, Πόρος, Αττική, 18020

26th of May – 30th of June, 2022

Daily: 7:00 pm – 11:00pm

Free entrance


Photo exhibition “Athlesis”

26 May 22

For the past six years, at the beginning of summer, Poros gives an appointment with athletes from all over Greece and abroad, in the sporting event Porosea. It’s an event dedicated to the idea of athleticism, a social institution which reflects a society’s culture. And this is because it contributes to personality’s multifaceted and harmonious development, as well as safeguarding health. With this as its starting point and having as a motive and inspiration the athletic event of Porosea, Katheti organizes its summer photo exhibition “Athlesis”. The exhibition will feature sport themed photos taken by local photographers or people who are related to the area. The exhibition will be held in the Syggrou building, on Poros, from May 26th to June 30th, with the possibility of extension. It will be open daily from 7 pm to 11 pm.


Why “Athlesis”

Sports mean, among other things, health, fun, communication, noble rivalry, discipline, friendship, respect. This is the reason why Katheti chose this theme for its 2022 photo exhibition. The photo exhibition “Athlesis” is a tribute to athleticism, paid through the artistic eye of the photographers. Seven photographers descendent from or connected to our area will present art works with sport as their theme. In the exhibition we will have the opportunity to see unique and impressive athletic snapshots, captured through the lens.


The exhibition’s aim

The photo exhibition “Athlesis” intends to highlight, not only the local athletic tradition, but also sports in general. It also aims to emphasize the indissoluble bond between sports and culture, physical and mental condition: “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. In addition, by promoting sports, it enhances athletic tourism in the area. Finally, it is an opportunity to set in motion the creativity that already exists in the local community.

Aslo, in the exhibition’s space you will be able to get two albums. The albums include the art works of the exhibitions “Athlesis” and “Bridges”.

We are grateful to:

The sporting event Porosea.

The Municipality of Poros for allowing us to use the Syggrou building.

The photographers participating in the photo exhibition “Athlesis”. In alphabetical order, the artists that will participate in the exhibition are: Kanatsidis Babis, Katsivelas Fotis, Kouvaras Andreas, Kouvara Niovi, Marotos Savvas, Rodis Tasos, Xanthis Evgenios.

Featured image: Fotis Katsivelas