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Poros, Troizinia and Methana welcome Project Resound volunteers

Poros, Troizinia, Methana
June 26th, 2021-July 10th, 2021



Poros, Troizinia and Methana welcome Project Resound volunteers


We live in a paradise with many possibilities. Imagine how our lives would be transformed if we could make the most of it without spoiling it. The sustainable development model promises a boost to the tourism development of our region, an area that has a lot to offer! The Ec(h)o consortium, of which Katheti is also a member, in collaboration with the consulting organization Project Resound, organizes from 26 June until 10 July two workshops with the participation of volunteers from all over the world. Thus, Poros, Troizinia and Methana welcome the volunteers of Project Resound who aim, through the workshops, to design a standard system of sustainable tourism adapted to the characteristics of our area.


The workshops are the third stage of the process of developing the appropriate sustainable tourism model for our area. The first two, the stages of research and data analysis, have already been completed. Volunteers of various specialties from all over the world will participate in these workshops, both on the spot and via videoconferencing. Two diverse teams of private citizens, business owners and even government officials with experience in many tourism sectors, such as gastronomy, culture and agrotourism. 

Poros, Troizinia and Methana welcome Project Resound volunteers, who will be divided into two teams of about 16 people each to design a model sustainable tourism system. Combining their knowledge with the data of the study and knowing experientially the area, they will propose a comprehensive set of solutions tailored to our own data. 

The workshops 

On the first day there will be the team building and then the experiential acquaintance with our place and culture. Tools such as excerpts from Greek films will be used to better understand culture. Through discussion with locals, the impressions and conclusions formed by the participants will be contrasted with the experienced reality, in order to establish their accuracy and correct any misinterpretations. 

On the second day the team will be even more immerse to the local community. Parallel activities, such as meals and swimming, will help in contact with the place and in understanding its possibilities. In the afternoon, the members of the team, after discussion and exchange of views, will present proposals for design solutions suitable for the area. 

On the third and fourth day there will be a presentation of all the ideas that will have emerged and feedback, so that they can move on to the mapping and designing of a system suitable for the area. The team will also continue the rest of the activities and will participate in a cultural event. 

The goal of the fifth and sixth day is to complete the design of a model sustainable tourism system suitable for the region and to create a presentation. On the seventh day the feedback of the presentation will take place and the group will continue with relaxation and events with Greek dances. 

The final step

Poros, Troizinia and Methana welcome the volunteers of Project Resound, who with their contribution will bring us one step closer to the goal. The next stage is the delivery of the file and the implementation plan of the project, aiming to boost the sustainable tourism development of the area. Katheti and Ec(h)o partnership believe that a program based on research on local needs and the international experience of a specialized consulting organization is a viable solution for the development of sustainable tourism in our area