Entrepreneurship | Work Skills

Soft skills webinar

February 2021
Fay Orfanidou
First part:
Wednesday, 24.2.2021

Free for Katheti’s members
Annual membership fee:
€20 for adults
€10 for unemployed and children



Entrepreneurship | Work Skills

Soft skills webinar

February 2021

Success Intelligence (SI) is a coaching program for organizations and families. The program provides practical courses on teaching emotional intelligence (EQ) and the right tools for success in each part of life. Dr. Karyn, the founder of SI, is a leadership and relationship expert trained on counseling phycology. Fay Orfanidou, trained coach and mentor of Katheti, will present the soft skills webinar online in February.

The soft skills webinar incudes five topics: (a) goal setting, (b) solution-focused mindset, (c) managing change and anxiety, (d) giving feedback, (e) receiving feedback. The webinar videos used are in English with Greek subtitles and the material used is both in English and in Greek. 

What’s all these about? 

Anxiety has always been around, but today it has reached extreme levels.  Learning how to manage change, reduce anxiety and increase the agility of our “emotional muscles” are becoming some of the most important EQ skills. One of the best ways to reduce anxiety and build confidence is taking initiative to achieve our goalsGoal setting is a fundamental tool for success. Most of the people don’t know neither how to set a goal nor how to achieve it. 

Another important issue is the way people give and receive feedback. Giving feedback in a positive way increases effectiveness. The main goal of giving feedback is to help people improve their skills and evolve. In the case of responding to feedback the key is active listening. In this way, people become able to evaluate the information as objectively as possible. This prosses gives strength and leads to the achievement of goals. 

The soft skills webinar is an opportunity for self-improvement that Katheti offers to its members. This is part of an ongoing effort to provide the right tools for anyone who seeks them. The “Life & Career” program consists of three parts: mentoring, coaching and career guidance