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The story of a dog called faithful

Syggrou amphitheater, Poros
The play is addressed to:
Adults and children from eight years old
July 30th, 2022
9 pm
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Entrance fee:

€5 for Katheti members, unemployment card holders, children up to 12 years old and participants of the seminar “From the tribes of the world to our ‘tribe'”.


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Activities | Culture

The story of a dog called faithful


Katheti, in collaboration with Kostas Gakis, is bringing the play “Ιστορία ενός σκύλου που τον έλεγαν πιστό” (The story of a dog called faithful) to our area. It is a theatre adaptation of Luis Sepúlveda’s story. The play has been nominated at the 11th Theater Awards of Thessaloniki 2022 for best male performance (Kostas Gakis), best music, best script (Natasha-Faii Kosmidou, Kostas Gakis) and best male performance in a supporting role (Giannis Vasilottos). The play is of a musical nature and intensely physicality, a hymn to solidarity, kindness, a love of nature and every struggling human. It will take place on July 30th at 9pm at the Syggrou amphitheater on Poros.

About the play

“The story of a dog called faithful” talks about the persecution of the Mapuche tribe, the “People of the Earth”, of South Chile, by large logging companies, as seen through the eyes of a dog who is recalling the life he lived amongst them.

The play is very relevant to our area, especially Poros, as it is reminiscent of our own fight against industrial scale fishing farms, which are not only incompatible with the island’s other professional activities, but also downgrade the natural scenery.

“The story of a dog called faithful” combines the core of the art of theater: the body and soul of the actor; with the power of musical expression, to captivate the audience. The ingenious storytelling, the intense ritualistic physicality, the choral songs combined with the sound of the percussion and string instruments, bring to life images of an entire world, which has now almost disappeared.

About Kostas Gakis

Kostas Gakis is a musician, stage director, actor, dramatist and author. He graduated from the Greek National Theatre Drama School and the University of Athens Faculty of History and Archaeology. Combining all his qualities, he also works as a group motivator. In 2006 he received the “Dimitris Horn” theater award. He has directed various plays including but not limited to “Το δέντρο του Οιδίποδα” (The tree of Oedipus), “Ρωμαίος και Ιουλιέτα για 2” (Romeo and Juliet for 2), “Από την Αντιγόνη στη Μήδεια” (From Antigone to Medea) and “Ιστορία χωρίς Όνομα” (Story without a name).

Together with the play “The Story of a dog called faithful”, Katheti and Kostas Gakis are also bringing to our area the seminar “From the tribes of the world to our ‘tribe’”. However, this is not the beginning of our collaboration. The assistant director Natasha-Faii Kosmidou helped as a volunteer in the directing of Katheti’s play “The Passage”, which was presented in three performances during the summer of 2021.

Katheti’s goal is the sustainable development of our area, through cultural and educational actions. These actions include Poros, Troizinia and Methana documentary theater workshop, the theater play “Passage”, the three-day seminar “From the tribes of the world to our ‘tribe’”, the visual arts exhibition “Bridges” and the photography exhibition “Athlesis”. Katheti’s wish for our area’s sustainable development is expressed in the conservation of our natural beauty, through our beach cleanings and the promotion of sustainable tourism through our involvement with the Ec(h)o consortium. For this reason, Katheti disagrees with the development of industrial scale fishing farms on Poros.

Tickets to the play will be €10, with discounted tickets available at €5 for Katheti’s members, unemployment card holders and participants of the seminar “From the tribes of the world to our ‘tribe’”.

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