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Theater documentation of Poros and Troizinia-Methana

October 2020-May 2021
Katheti, 25 March st., Galatas
Online, for the duration of the pandemic measures
Fay Orfanidou
Elli Palaistidou
Every Tuesday
2 hours

Free for Katheti’s members
Annual membership fee:
€20 for adults
€10 for unemployed and children



Activities | Culture | Work Skills

Theater documentation of Poros and Troizinia-Methana

October 2020-May 2021

Since October 2020, something magical happens every week at Katheti. A company of local residents gather (initially in person, later on through Zoom) and, for two hours, learn, play, improvise and create based on material about the local area. The rest of the time, they collect stories, narrations, sources of all kinds, researching the history, the culture and the people of our local area. The group’s objective is the continuous theater documentation of Poros and Troizinia-Methana as legacy for locals and visitors. Part of Katheti’s vision is creating a theatrical play for the area, which will be presented to locals of all ages, as well as to tourists, with English supertitles.

Motive and basis for this effort has been the seminar “Hydra: A theatrical documentation” of the extraordinary director, musician, actor and drama teacher Kostas Gakis. His student Fay Orfanidou, with the support of volunteer Elli Palaistidou, every week shares with the group theatrical techniques and tools, improvisation exercises, but mostly beautiful moments. At the end of each meeting, our hearts are a little lighter and our souls a little more inspired than before.

Let’s listen to the group’s members though.

Elli Palaistidou: “You only get positive feelings; you learn things about yourself that you wouldn’t even imagine that you have in you and you get to know what means to belong in a team.”

Konstantina Christodoulou: “Once a week, a colorful door opens that leads to music, history, creativity, teamwork and intense feelings… All you have to do is open it!”

Mara Dimopoulou: “A beautiful escape from the daily grind! A creative two-hour gift to yourself!”

Matina Bola: “I am very happy to be part of the group. Each of our meetings is a beautiful journey to the history of our area, as well as to our soul.”

Marianthi Papadiamandi: “To feel and to share with wonderful others the joy of creativity.”

And our most recent member, Yorgos Kafetzis: “The one and only time that I was with you, I felt a creative curiosity, which, as time went by, only increased… Also, the warm atmosphere in which the discussion was taking place was very intense.”

Come join us! The only prerequisites are a member subscription to Katheti and good disposition!