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Musical Theater Performance “Two Drops of Cognac”

13 July 24
Suggrou open theater
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July 13 | 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Ticket price: 10€ / Children under 12 years old: Free admission

+30 22980 43825


Musical Theater Performance “Two Drops of Cognac”

13 July 24

Scenes and music from Erotokritos to Bellou

A lyrical musical and theatrical tribute of Greece, from which only “two drops” are enough to put you in a good mood. The musical theatre performance “Two Drops of Cognac” will be presented at Syggrou Open Theater on Saturday 13 July at 9:00 pm. An adapted compilation of texts and emblematic songs encapsulating the most historically and artistically important and fundamental periods of Greece from the pre-war period to the 1970s.

For several decades of the last century, Ivana was a big star in theater troupes. Through a stirring monologue, the play’s heroine changes roles, costumes and moods in a blink of an eye, in a vivid reminiscence of the stage roles she performed which are reborn on stage through the music and songs that marked her. These songs shaped the musical identity of Greece. A performance where folk songs flirt with Lorca’s Bloody Wedding and the “sad tidings” of tragic Erotokritos make sweet eyes at Elizabeth Martinegou, while the one and only Sotiria Bellou peeks smiling from backstage.

Directed by Maria Katsioni
Vocals – Guitar: Dimitris Kalogeras & Leonidas Kalogeras
Piano – Theatrical Interventions: Νikos Epikskopos
Set Design: Dionysia Blazaki
Movement Supervision: Georgia Karamerou
Stage Assistant – Make-up Artist: Kristallia Georgouli
Performed by Katerina Gatzoia

Ticket price: 10€ / Children under 12 years old: Free admission. For reservations contact or +30 22980 43825. The play is in Greek.

With the support of the Municipality of Poros

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