Visual exhibition "Bridges"

Visual arts exhibition “Bridges”

Douzinas building (next to Cine Diana),
June 18th, 2021-September 30th, 2021



Visual arts exhibition “Bridges”


Where the past meets the present 

What was our area like a few decades ago? Every day we live, work and go through places that may have remained almost the same over time, but may also no longer be recognizable. Places that so many people walked on and shaped before us. A journey through time! This is what Katheti wants to offer with the visual arts exhibition “Bridges”, which will start on June 18th, 2021 in the Douzinas building (next to Cine Diana) and will last until September 30th, 2021. The exhibition will be open daily from 7 pm until 11 pm.

The painters and photographers of our area will link photos from the period 1880-1980 with the contemporary corresponding image and will render them with their own look. In the exhibition, right next to the contemporary creations of the artists, the old photos from which they were inspired will be placed. Photos that were salvaged thanks to the efforts of Giannis Antoniou and Christos Vikos, administrators of the Facebook groups “Πόρος παλιές φωτογραφίες-Poros old pictures” and “Μέθανα παλιές φωτογραφίες” (Methana old pictures).

Why bridges with old photos? 

Giannis Antoniou, a collector for many years, tells us: “Everything is important for a society, but photography is something magical. It stops time. From a photo you can write a whole book! “If you can ‘read’ it, you can see the smallest detail.”

The visual exhibition “Bridges” aims to highlight the area and its evolution. To connect everything that the past generations created and bequeathed to us with the present and our daily life. Bridges that will unite Poros, Troizinia and Methana, leaving a beautiful and optimistic feeling for the future.

What surprises do they hold for us?

So, let’s see what surprises the 14 local artists who participate in the visual exhibition “Bridges” are holding for us. How many emotions will our seven painters and seven photographers stimulate and how many memories will they bring to surface with their works!

One of Katheti’s goals is to set in motion the creativity that already exists in the local community, to support and promote local artists.

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Information about the exhibition “Bridges-Where the past meets the present”

Duration: 18 July-30 September 2021 

Opening hours: Every day 19:00-23:00