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Women throughout History

16 December 23
Katheti, Πόρος, 18020
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December 16, 2023 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Women throughout History

16 December 23

The status of women has gone through various stages, reconfigurations and changes over the centuries. Exploring the socio-political position of women, we will travel through time to ancient Athens and Sparta, reaching back to the Byzantine years. The lecture “Women throughout History” will take place on Saturday 16 December at 7:00 pm, at Katheti, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture (Department of Educational Programs and Communication) and the Poros Craft Festival. The archaeologist and author Evi Pini and the philologist Maria Perachoriti will be the speakers at the lecture.

The lecture begins with an analysis of the private and public life of women in ancient Athens and Sparta. The archaeologist and book writer Evi Pini discusses with the audience about women’s position in these two different societies. How did Athenian and Spartan women live inside and outside their home? How visible or how invisible were they? What was their role in the public and private life and why did the ancient Greeks accuse the Spartans of being ruled by their women? In the second part, the lecturer Maria Perachoriti presents a literary approach regarding the Byzantine woman’s search for power and authority through the work of Alexandra Papadopoulou. The first Greek short story writer examines the portraits of dynamic women who sought prestige and power in the Byzantine Empire and specifically in the imperial palace.

At Katheti, we support the belief that achieving social equality is based on cultural values, attitudes and perceptions. We believe that respect between people is a fundamental element for the prosperity of society. In the past, Katheti has organized training seminars with experiential exercises such as “Personal values: Our personal compass“, “Culture shock & intercultural communication: Adapt in any place, any time“, “Inclusive Education for All Genders” and the seminarResolving Conflicts through Peer Mediation“, as well as the Two-days workshop on Philosophy & Cinema. Our aim is to create seminars and activities, through partnerships with various institutions, aiming at the multifaceted education of the residents of our region.

We thank Eleni Pavlou for the initiative!

The lecturers

Evi Pini is an archaeologist working at the Ministry of Culture. Since 2012 she has been working at the Archeological department of Piraeus and Islands, where she implements educational activities for students and the general public and is involved in the training of teachers in museum education. At the same time, she writes educational books and historical novels for young audiences as well as scripts for educational short films. Her books have been published by the Ministry of Culture as well as by the publishing houses Erevnites, Papadopoulos, Kedros and Patakis.

Maria (Mania) Perachoriti was born in Mytilene in 1965. She graduated from the American Girls’ College of Agia Paraskevi (Pierce College) and studied Pedagogy and English Language and Literature. She is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens with a thesis on national identity. She worked in the Greek public school as a teacher and was the Headmistress of the 7th and 8th Primary School of Daphne (2011-2020). At school, she tried to create an interactive connection between her students and the Greek language, culture, the city and historical memory. She has served as vice-president of the Association of Teachers of P.E. Argosaronikos (1991-92) and treasurer of the Association of Teachers of P.E. “Makrygiannis” (2012-14). She has been an active member of the Women’s Movement since 2007 and has served as Secretary of the Hellenic Women’s Union, while she is currently vice-president of the Dafni Branch of the H. W. U. She has given speeches and presented papers at scientific conferences.

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