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olive tree

Land of the olive tree

Greek olive oil is recognized worldwide for its purity, its excellent taste and its high nutritional value. We are fortunate to live in an area that can be described as land of the olive tree. Olive oil is an important agricultural product of our area, which has a tradition in the production of excellent quality olive oil.  

The history

The cultivation of olive trees in the wider area dates back to ancient times. Since the end of the 19th century, Troizinia’s olive oil participates in competitions and wins awards and distinctions.

In June 2006, Bellesi oil of the company “Magoula Rastoni S.A.” was considered one of the five best olive oils in Germany, in the tasting conducted by the magazine “Focus”, with the food and beverage specialist taster Ralf Frenzel. Since 2007, Troizinia extra virgin olive oil is a PDO product, with 70% Koroneiki and 30% Manaki varieties. 

The most important varieties of olives grown today in Troizinia for the production of olive oil are Koroneiki, Kothreiki-Manaki, which is the oldest in the region, while in a smaller degree Agouromanako, Megareitiki, Glykomanako, Karydolia Troizinias, Karydolia of Spetses, etc are cultivated. 

Koroneiki is known for its productivity and its spicy taste, while Manaki is milder and more pleasant, suitable for salads. 

The hilly, in their majority, airy areas where olive trees are cultivated, and in particular the variety Kothreiki-Manaki, as well as the limited rainfall observed in the wider region, contribute to reduced infestations of trees from diseases. The traditional way of cultivation and harvesting also contributes to the very good quality of the olive oils produced (Cultivation of olives-Manaki Variety-in the area of Argolida and Troizinia). 

In our area, which could rightly be described as land of the olive tree, there are many olive mills, nurseries and a lot of producers. Many of them now offer packaged, branded olive oil. A first survey led us to some of them, who have proceeded to the packaging of branded products.

Olea nurseries

A very important presence in our area is the Olea nurseries of George Kostelenos. George Kostelenos for decades collects valuable genetic material of olives from all over Greece. Most of the genetic material is not officially recorded. 

At the plantation premises, about 100 Greek varieties of olive trees are currently preserved, many of which are rare, and 140 foreign ones. His involvement with the olive trees extends to the research, study, dissemination and preservation of Greek olive varieties.

He has written many articles and books. Most of them concern olive trees and their cultivation, and its potential for growth in Greece. Particularly important is the library of the nursery unit. In the unit rare books can be found, Greek and foreign, about olive trees and their cultivation.

Bourlokas olive press

In the Bourloka Olive Press, headed by Antonis Bourlokas, “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” of the local Manaki variety has been produced and bottled for years. 

Our Olive Oil

Our Olive Oil is a product derived from the Manaki variety of the Sambani family farm. Anastasios Sambanis applies mild and extensive cultivation, with the manual collection of the fruit resulting in the production of excellent quality olive oil.

The whole production is certified and is listed in the “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” category. Much of it is considered “Premium” category. 


Theseus pure “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” is produced from olive trees located in Troizina and cultivated by the Katsigras family. 

It meets all the specifications of a high quality, 100% natural olive oil production, without any additional chemical elements, and, in 2021, it won the golden award of Greek Taste Beyond Borders, based in the United Kingdom. 

Tombazis Olive Grove

Tombazis Olive Grove is located in the coastal area of Galatas, Troizinia. The estate has a long history and the olive oil it produced won a gold medal at the World’s Fair in Paris in 1900. The current owner, Aristotelis Panagiotaros, cultivates olive trees of the Koroneiki variety ecologically and produces high quality olive oil, which has won the gold medal in the international ATHENA competition. 

Katheti believes that local products reflect the character of our area, as well as its people. They have the power to open up for us many more paths than we can imagine. This land of the olive tree has a great tradition in quality olive oil. It has gained international recognition since many years. The quality of Troizinia oil, but also of the wider region, can lead to new paths. Paths such as that of gastronomic tourism and agrotourism, which are included in the wider context of sustainable tourism

Main photo credits: Albers Astrid

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