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Imagine a thriving economic community, full of life all year round, with top-quality education for all, bustling cultural activity, excellent infrastructure, and respect for the environment.

This is Katheti’s vision for our region – a vision that we tirelessly pursue with your support!

Your financial and volunteer contributions ensure that we can help protect the local environment, create new programs, produce high-quality exhibits and performances, offer events at reasonable prices, and deliver free services essential to the community.

There are many ways to support Katheti

• Make a financial contribution of any amount to help us continue and expand our work. Click here for payments methods.

• Become a Katheti member with a donation of €20 or more. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of membership, including priority access to programs and discounted admission to events. As a local student or teacher, you are entitled to free membership. Fill in the form below to become a member.

• If you shop online, install the YouBeHero extension to your browser and designate Katheti as your chosen organization. Every time you make a purchase, you’ll support our work at no cost to you.

Become a Katheti volunteer

Volunteers make things happen. When you contribute your time and energy, you help us achieve our mission and have fun doing it.

Whether you want to teach young people new skills, mentor local artisans and entrepreneurs, help produce events, or organize a community event, there’s a role for you at Katheti.

Let’s see what some of our volunteers have to say about Katheti:

Volunteer Testimonials

The feeling is indescribable, everyone should do it at least once in their life. And I’m still at the beginning. Thank you, Katheti!

Konstantina Christodoulou

I consider the relationships that I have made at Katheti important for me, because each person that I have met and interacted with has enriched me morally and emotionally.

Vicky Makridou

Katheti suggested that I offer Greek language lessons to two elementary school children from India. The contact with the kids, teaching and in general Katheti was and is for me a beneficial, creative time.

Μaria Vlachou

Through the process of volunteering, I feel that one can also build better relationships.

Maria Pateraki

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