katheti's bag

Katheti’s bag 

Katheti, 25 March st., Galatas

with a donation of €25 and more

Katheti’s bag 

A reusable bag always proves useful for whatever we need to carry on a daily basis. Thus, the idea of a bag that meets the requirements of the modern era was born. In other words, it should be easy to use and ecological. Katheti’s bag is a product of collaboration with Ergani weaving workshop. It is black, made of fabric, with a discreet embroidery of Katheti’s logo. You can acquire the bag with a donation of €25 and more. 

Use and consciousness 

Reusable bags have come into our lives in recent years, in order to limit the consumption of disposable items thus reducing the waste we produce. Their use contributes to the protection of the environment and consequently to the protection of our health. They all serve the same purpose, but they are not all the same. Their qualitative characteristics differ. Their use may limit plastic, but it also matters what kind of materials they themselves are made of. Isn’t it better if they too have a small carbon footprint and positive ecological impact? 

Carrying with style 

All these thoughts contributed to the production of Katheti’s bag. It is multi-purpose and, in all respects, ecological, since it is made of fabric. It is handmade, and additionally a creation of a local craftswoman. This fact gives it uniqueness and “origin”, it is a local product. It is also very beautiful! Therefore, apart from the ecological criteria, it also covers the aesthetic ones. Katheti’s bag was made with passion, in order to accompany our transports with style and elegance. 

Get hold of one with a donation of 25 euros or more, at the same time contributing to Katheti’s activities. Activities that highlight and support culture, aim at the protection of our very beautiful natural environment and promote the sustainable development of the area. 

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