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Local Mentors

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Entrepreneurship | Mind-Body | Work Skills

Local Mentors

The first part of “Mentoring at Katheti” starts with local mentors. We enable local professionals to share their experience with the young people of the area.

This part is divided into two sections:

  1. The first part includes the written interviews that we take almost monthly with the occasion of events or activities in the area. All the interviews are either by locals or by people with professional association with the area.
  2. The second part includes the short videos of mentors of the area in which professionals, in the role of the mentor, are introducing themselves to the local youth, as well as presenting their profession and their ideas. Talking about their accomplishments, they are inspiring and encouraging local youth. They share their advice, knowledge and expertise on their field.

Through a series of videos, professionals, entrepreneurs and generally active locals with an innovative approach and love for their profession are becoming mentors for the generations to follow. Katheti’s mentors are creating short videos in which they talk about their job, they introduce the world of their profession and they share advice and innovative ideas which they may have applied in their profession. In this way, local youth has the opportunity to come into closer contact with a profession they might be thinking of following themselves.

At a later stage, in collaboration with local professionals, there will be organized lectures and discussions, as well as “pairings” between mentors and youth, for a more direct counseling process.

Below are the links for the interviews and the videos. We will keep adding to this list.

1. Written interviews