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30 October 2019

Maria Pateraki is a computer science teacher since 2004, appointed to Galatas Junior High School since 2008.  She is the coordinator of the “Conflict Management through Peer Mediation” program since 2019, at Galatas Junior High School. She is also the owner and administrator of the “School Peer Mediation” website, that provides information and educational material on […]

11 September 2019

Katheti has offered unique experiences to locals and visitors alike –and this is not something we have come up with! Please keep reading in order to see how persons who joined our activities spent their time around us.

22 August 2019

Katheti is an educational and cultural centre aiming to provide locals and visitors of the area with the opportunity to learn new things, to develop their skills, and to have fun by attending cultural events. Many of Katheti’s educational activities for the previous school year of 2018-2019, have been designed by Anastasia Karouti, an educator and […]

29 July 2019

The workshop “From Idea into Action” took place on 18 July. What were our impressions of it? -Ioanna Georgiou, student The workshop “From Idea into Action” was not only an experience of realization, but also an opportunity to look at ourselves and our ideas straight in the eye. Both the workshop goals and methodology were […]

26 July 2019

On occasion of the activities of the 2nd Craft Festival organised on Poros in July, such as the opening of Poros lending and exchange library, we talked with Eleni Pavlou, a professional weaver and the festival’s “soul”. Eleni talked to us about her work and “Ergani” weaving workshop, about creativity and about how important it […]

07 July 2019

It started as a joke between friends, but it turned out to become a great summer experience: the 2nd Poros Craft Festival is going to take place on 13-14 July, in Ermou street. Activities include a photography exhibition featuring what we love on Poros and crafts for kids. This year, all workshops will have recycling […]

03 July 2019

On the occasion of the photography exhibition organized by Katheti about “Sotiris” taverna from 13 July to 31 October, we talked with Vasilis Kolokithas, the professional cinematographer and amateur photographer who depicted the inside of Poros island taverna where Katheti will shortly be hosted. Vasilis visited the historical building which remained closed for sixteen years […]

29 May 2019

We had the great pleasure to talk with Melachrinos Velentzas, member of Experimento group and one of the protagonists of the alternative theatrical performance “Lemon”. The performance travelled to Galatas and took place at Klados farm on 18 May. For the time being, Experimento is preparing the performance of 20 & 21 July on Poros, as well […]