Door to Door

“What is Katheti?” “What are you doing there?” “How can Katheti help me in my work?” Katheti’s team, taking into account these and much more questions that are raised from time to time, decided to visit you door to door and inform you.

Who are we? What do we do, why and how?

From the end of June, our team will begin an informative action directed to all local professionals.

Katheti’s team has prepared a comprehensive presentation of our organization. We will talk about the “Life & Career” program, Career Guidance, coaching, our lessons, our cultural activities and much more. If you dedicate some time to us, Katheti’s team can come to your business to introduce itself, explain, but also to help any way we can.

Local professionals can learn in detail about its activities and events and solve any queries they may have. Most importantly, however, they can benefit and also contribute to our work, by expressing their own professional needs. This way, Katheti can adjust its programs in order to fulfil the local community’s real needs.

From Neorion to the Monastery, from the traditional settlement of Poros to Lemonodasos and from Galatas to Methana, Katheti will try to cover all the area, visiting and informing all professionals.

We want to listen to you! Help us to help you!

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