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kouklotheatro gorgona gogronitsa

Poros Arts Festival – Puppet Theatre

17 June 23
Αίθουσα Εκδηλώσεων Β. Κογιώνη (Γυμνάσιο Πόρου), Πόρος, Αττική, 18020
June 17, 2023 | 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Free entrance

+30 2298043825,


Poros Arts Festival – Puppet Theatre

17 June 23

The Puppet Theatre “Prasin Aloga” presents the children’s puppet show “Γοργόνα, Γοργονίτσα” (Mermaid, little mermaid) on Saturday, June 17th, at 9pm, at V. Kogioni, Event Hall (Poros High School), to mark the opening of Poros Arts Festival, organized this year by Katheti.

The performance is inspired by the well-known fairytale of H. C. Andersen “The Little Mermaid” and tells the story of the deep love that the Little Mermaid feels for the Prince, a love that makes her shine like the moon.

Actress and puppet lead the show. The costumed puppets, the puppets with direct manipulation, the puppets, the glove puppets, the two-dimensional figure, and the various-sized dolls create an imaginative stage setting and intense action, full of music. In the end, the audience is transported to the magical world of the fairy tale with humor and sensitivity.

At the end of the performance, there will be a discussion about the dolls and the message of love and sacrifice that the story conveys. It is a unique performance, which is not addressed only to children but also to adults. On June 17th… let’s play with puppets!

Direction, scenography, script, prop-making, performance: Emmanuela Kapokaki

Prop-making assistants: Maria Mylona, Eleftheria Daniellidi

Music: Kostas Beberatos

Biography “Prassin Aloga”

The Puppet Theatre “Prassin Aloga” was founded in 1997 by Emmanuela Kapokaki, a graduate of Charleville-Mezières’s High School of Puppetry (Charleville-Mezières, France) with a grant from the Onassis Foundation. In her work, she proposes an original stage spectacle between puppet and actor, which deviates from traditional puppet theatre. Her performances approach the audience in a different way than the traditional theatre, operating through the language of images.

See the detailed program of Poros Arts Festival here.

In all the events of this year’s Poros Arts Festival, money will be collected for the support of nine-year-old Valeria.

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With this and similar activities, Katheti aims to strengthen children’s interaction with art. In the past, it has organized a Children’s Painting Workshop as part of the artistic documentation of Troizinia-Methana project “Art-Capsule”, a Christmas Ornaments Workshop, and the children’s book presentations “Do books actually talk?” on Poros and Troizina. In addition, Katheti brought the children’s theater play “The small tailor of words” and participated in the Christmas Children’s fest of the Galatas Elementary School.

Poros Arts Festival Media Sponsor, ERT

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