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Free Online Painting Workshop

Katheti is adjusting its schedule to the new circumstances due to Covid-19 and is launching a new series of online programs. In the past weeks, due to the suspension of our classes, we felt the need to find new ways to continue our Painting Workshop with Mara Dimopoulou. So, we created a Free Online Painting Workshop, making an appointment again every Friday at 15:30, online this time. As with the in person workshop, it is addressed to all levels and ages.

This Free Online Painting Workshop will work in just a few simple steps and will be available to everyone:

  1. Communicate with Katheti
    a. for your registration
    b. to agree upon your preferred way to send us the exercises
  2. Every Friday at 15:30 you will receive an email with the course link. You will have access to:
    a. a video with the new lesson
    b. a pdf with the theory and your weekly exercise (one for adults and one for children)
  3. You will be given a 6-day deadline, until Thursday at 12:00, to deliver your exercise
    a. so that it is evaluated by the teacher
    b. so that your work is anonymously included in our weekly feedback video
  4. Every Friday at 15:30, you will receive an email link
    a. for the video of the current week
    b. for the PDF file with the theory and the weekly exercise (one for adults and one for children)

More Details

The lessons will be uploaded on Katheti’s website, at the “Online Painting Workshop – Course Guide“, and will be accessible to everyone in PDF and video form. Each lesson will be posted on Friday at 15:30. Our apprentice painters will be able to click and read the theory through examples. At the end of each theory, the workshop’s lecturer Mara Dimopoulou will give two suggested exercises, one for adults and one for children. Learners will be able to do the painting exercise and send it back as photo for comments. The sending method of the exercises will be decided with each apprentice individually after consultation.

Mara Dimopoulou will give feedback to each team member personally, based on the work they have sent. Furthermore, each Friday, a video will be uploaded with all students’ exercises, presenting the projects anonymously and pointing out common mistakes, giving information and highlighting points of progress. The weekly video will also solve any questions that may have been raised. Through the weekly videos, the team members will compare and learn from each other and evolve together. The videos will be uploaded on Katheti’s website and will be sent every Friday, along with the new weekly lesson.

In order for the feedback to be provided without delay by the teacher, we ask that any trainee who wishes to participate in the Free Online Painting Workshop with exercises sends us the weekly exercise until the day before the lesson, namely on Thursday at 12:00. This will allow enough time for personal feedback and the creation of the weekly video.

Details / Registration

If a person wishes to join the group after the first online course has been delivered, this will be possible after consultation with Katheti. We will give them personal feedback on exercises for lessons posted on our website until May 29th, 2020. The weekly feedback video, however, will be created only with projects submitted until the day before the said video is posted, at 12:00.

The posts for the participants who wish to receive personal feedback is limited. Priority is given to students who had already signed up for the Painting Workshop before this became available online. Priority is also given to locals of Troizinia-Methana and Poros.

Information/Registrations here.

We stay home, we stay safe, we stay creative!

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