Life and Career

In April, Katheti is launching Life & Career, a program for professional and personal development, career guidance and skills acquisition. This program will offer career counseling, coaching sessions and a range of personal and professional development videos. This program is at the heart of Katheti’s goal for the sustainable development of the local area. The services will be provided free of charge or at reduced cost price when they are provided by a third party.

Career Guidance

In conjunction with Evalion’s Ev Career program, Katheti offers students of Troizinia-Methana and Poros modern professional orientation methods. It is an advisory process based on the use of psychometric tools. The goal is to help adolescents form a comprehensive view of themselves and choose the appropriate for them career path. The tools (tests and questionnaires) used are aimed at exploring adolescents’ professional interests, personality, values ​​and abilities. The consultees receive a concise and detailed report of their results, which forms the basis for a feedback meeting aiming to support them in choosing their career path.

Katheti offers the feedback session completely free of charge, and has provided a special price for tests and questionnaires. In addition, we offer the psychometric tests for free to the first 10 adolescents who will show interest in the service.


Coaching couldn’t be missing from a “Life and Career” program! Since February, Katheti, with coach Fay Orphanidou (in accreditation process by the International Coach Federation), has been offering free Business and Life Coaching sessions to locals.

Coaching is the collaboration between coach and coachee in a creative thought-provoking process that inspires the coachee to maximize their personal and professional potential. During coaching, the coach supports the coachee to make the changes they want and dream of in their life, either on a personal or professional level. Coaching is different from other related professions, such as psychotherapy, counseling, training or mentoring, in that it is focused on today-tomorrow and the solution, without guidance. Only the coachee is responsible for achieving their goals.

Let’s give the floor to two of Katheti’s coachees.


“A game of strategy and knowledge (coaching). Two players. A magic mirror (coach) and myself (coachee).

The rules are simple. You look at your soul in the magic mirror and you see your strengths and weaknesses. No one will judge you at all. After all, how can a mirror judge you?? You will never be abashed, no matter what. The mirror, as a magician, asks you questions and you answer without thinking that there is a right or wrong answer. There isn’t.

So one game… one hour a week… One winner, and always the same: Me!

You understand it and exploit it accordingly. You make difficult situations easy. How? Simple! The magic mirror is there and waits for you every week to help you maintain your strengths, maybe even make them even stronger, and whatever you don’t like, to fix or get rid of it!! “

And M.:

“The answers are within you. Only you can solve the problem. You and you alone are the solution. All knowledge derives from you. With the proper questions and the professionalism of the coach, you always end up with a winning smile, realizing that the answer to all your problems, stresses and weaknesses is in your hands!”

Success Intelligence Videos

Katheti secured and subtitled five videos from DK Leadership’s “Success Intelligence” series for the residents of Troizinia-Methana and Poros! These approximately 10 minute videos provide information and practical tips on skills that are very important for success: Goal setting, productivity, time management, stress management, motivation and more.

DK Leadership is a global leadership coaching company. Its purpose is developing great leaders in organizations and families. It specializes in teaching practical tools to drive communication, productivity and time-management while reducing stress (also known as Emotional Intelligence skills). The company has over 20 years of experience and over half a million trainees from 17 countries!

Future plans

When the Covid-19 virus allows us to return to our space and to life gatherings, we have a lot more planned, such as:

• Katheti will provide an annual subscription for group showing to Masterclass platform, with access to more than 80 leading speakers worldwide.
• In collaboration with Tipping Point in Education, interactive mentoring sessions for school classes with Greek professionals living and working in Greece and abroad.
• In collaboration with local professionals, live lectures and discussions for classes, in order for students to make more informed decisions when selecting career path.

Acquiring practical skills

  • CV writing
  • Self presentation
  • Writing academic essays, etc.
  • Creating profiles in professional platforms, such as Linkedin, Etsy, etc.

Preparation for Fine Arts Schools and Freehand Drawing university entry exams.

Business Library.

We believe that the “Life and Career” program will contribute significantly towards Katheti’s goal for the sustainable development of the local area. And of course, as always, ideas and suggestions are welcome! Tell us what you would like us to focus on, so that our program can be even more tailor-made to the local needs!

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