what we accomplished

What we accomplished in 2022

Another year is coming to an end. During this year we moved forward day by day, set goals, implemented them and continued to the next ones. Each of those goals was unique for us. It commanded all our attention and demanded all our energy. But, with our eyes always focused on that unique goal, we usually don’t realize the totality of the actions we have carried out. So, the time has come for the reckoning, the moral and mental satisfaction for what we have accomplished in 2022.

Seminars, workshops, services

We contributed to the personal and professional development of locals with seminars and workshops. We organized the seminars: Public Speaking by the actor Miltiadis Fiorentzis, Internet Safety, and Sports Psychology for Athletes and Coaches. We also carried out a theater workshop with Kostas Gakis, a painting workshop for children, as part of the “Art-capsule” program, and a Choral Workshop. We offered career guidance, coaching, mentoring and career counseling services, and free mental health and self-care services.

Exhibitions, performances, presentations

We organized the photo exhibition “Athlesis”, promoting the ideals of sport and giving a platform to 7 photographers with ties to the region to present their work.

We brought two high-quality performances to Poros, “The Small Tailor of Words” for the children, presented by the theater group Mikros Notos, and “The Story of a Dog Called Faithful” with Kostas Gakis, for the adults. For the children, we also organized two presentations of the children’s book “Do books actually talk?” by the author Eleni Petala, on Poros and Troizina. We also contributed to a Christmas fest for the children of the Primary School of Galatas.

Conservation, support, promotion actions

We carried out five beach cleaning and waste recording actions, on Vagionia of Poros and on Agia Sotira of Galatas, as part of the citizens science program “Adopt a beach“. We also participated in the fight against the Areas of Organized Aquaculture Development (ΠΟΑΥ) of Poros, with the awareness-raising action “έlα Vagionia”, as well as with posts aimed at collecting signatures against the industrial development of aquaculture on Poros.

We supported the educational community by donating technological equipment to local schools and free membership cards to teachers and students.

We created the “Sokakia” game and played it with people from different parts of the world, to introduce them to a more unknown side of Poros in a playful way. Additionally, we highlighted the local area through articles on local sites and activities, products and arts.


We have collaborated with organizations and individuals to support local efforts linked to Katheti’s purposes. These collaborations include:

  • the children’s book presentation “Do books actually talk?” to the children of Troizina, in collaboration with the Cultural Action of Troizina
  • the visit of the WWF Youth Group to Galatas
  • our participation in the INCIRCLE program for the promotion of circular economy
  • the contribution to hosting Belgian scouts who offered volunteer work in our area
  • our participation in Saronia festival with a kiosk
  • the painting exhibition “In the same waters“, with the painting duet of father Christos Papadopoulos and daughter Gina Papadopoulou
  • the filming of the movie “Kyuka“, with the production company Heretic
  • the 1st Methana Crossing, with Volcanotrails.gr, with the participation of around 100 people from various parts of Greece
  • the “Art-capsule”, with the Municipal Development Enterprise (ΔΗΚΕΔΗΤ) and the Children’s Centers for Creative Activities (ΚΔΑΠ) of Troizinia and Methana Municipality, under the auspices and with the partial financial support of the Ministry of Culture
  • and the Christmas fest with the Parents & Guardians Association of Galatas Primary School.

And we keep going, thanks to the contribution of the people that support us!

You can also make a donation to Katheti and support our work. We are grateful for any amount that you can offer, but we suggest to you some options, mentioning some indicative things that we can achieve with even a single donation:

  • With 200 euros, you will give the opportunity to a local teenager to have high quality career guidance services.
  • With 500 euros, we will cover the fee for one lecturer of a skill building seminar for the people of our area.
  • With 1,000 euros, you will cover the basic cost of one of our theater or music events.
  • With 2,000 euros, we will organize one of our exhibitionακόμηs that highlight our beautiful area and its artists.

With each donation of 50 euros or more, you get Katheti’s 2023 Calendar as a thank you gift.

With each donation of 100 euros or more, you get a black handmade canvas bag with Katheti’s logo hand-embroidered, from Ergani weaving workshop.


one of the two elegant albums (“Bridges” and “Athlesis), which we created so that we could keep the wonderful experience of the namesake exhibitions forever alive.

You also get Katheti’s membership card, with which you enjoy all member benefits, such as discount or free attendance to seminars/workshops, free access to our lending library and priority to all our activities.

Join Katheti’s work!!

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24 March 2023

In our area, the protection of stray animals has been undertaken since 2002 by Poros Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

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The creative work of people in this area is our identity. So, let’s take a taste of the local performing arts.

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“KYUKA” is a modern life-story movie about a family sailing to Poros for their summer vacation.

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The mornings of those emotionally frozen lockdown months was the time when the precious little good mornings started from the children.

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26 May 2022

Stand more, start paddling in Poros. SUP fans, had the chance to experience the blue sea water of this island.

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26 May 2022

The Cultural Association of Agios Georgios, in its 11 years of operation, can show important initiatives for the community.

24 December 2021

Despina Kappi talks to us about the role of psychotherapy in our lives, her course and her plans for the future. 

23 December 2021

The Cultural Association of Galatas “Friends of Tradition” was founded with the aim of promoting the area of Galatas and preserving the tradition and history of the area. 

olive tree
01 October 2021

We live in an area that can be described as land of the olive tree. An area with awards and tradition in the production of excellent quality olive oil.

01 October 2021

The exhibition that managed to build “Bridges” was visited by more than 2,500 people. It caused nostalgia and offered knowledge of the area and its culture.

01 October 2021

This summer Katheti flourished. She expanded and became active. But how? What did Katheti do in the summer of ’21?

24 July 2021

The beaches of Methana connect the wild beauty of the peninsula’s mountains with the endless blue of the sea.

01 July 2021

UNESCO has declared Lemonodasos a landscape of natural beauty and it is protected by the European Ramsar Treaty. We present the organization which fights for its revitalization.

paralies troizinias
29 June 2021

Summer and sea! A combination that both young and old people like. And our area has a lot of sea and many beaches!

Hiking trails of Poros, Troizhnia and Methana
28 May 2021

The hiking trails of Poros, Troizinia and Methana unfold in a place with special geography and variety of landscape.

27 April 2021

Our region, has an idyllic landscape and tradition in fishing and tourism. What better than a fishing trip with the Saronic Gulf as a view!

27 April 2021

Summer is coming and it smells like sea! Sun, sandy beaches, clear, blue waters, taverns, beach bars but also seclusion. Poros beaches offer many different options.

sustainable tourism featured image
29 March 2021

The sustainable tourism model is promoted and encouraged around the world, increasing the positives and reducing the negatives. How could sustainable tourism be applied to Poros, Troizinia and Methana? Local research on sustainable tourism, with the aim of mapping the activities, needs and prospects of the region.

24 March 2021

2020 has been a strange yet wonderful year. Despite the difficulties Katheti set its own course with an unexpected result.

22 January 2021

Handmade creations combine knowledge and traditional techniques with modern aesthetics to produce functional, useful products and serve practical needs. Local artisans have a two-way relationship with the area in which they live.

21 December 2020

Sustainable tourism, which respects people, the environment and culture, is ideal for this blessed place. This is the belief of Ec(h)o, the local team of Project Resound, a social design organization, which uses its creative skills to bring a positive change in the world.

24 November 2020

What better gift than a book? Katheti compiled in one article all books with a local flavor we managed to discover and we present them to you.

29 October 2020

Some say that people resemble the place they come from. In order to discover the area, its beauty and specificities, the most suitable way is through a gastronomic adventure. The local products and producers are going to reveal surprising hidden treasures, by giving us a glimpse of the Saronic Gulf’s charm.

30 September 2020

Katheti visited the space of the association “Cultural Action of Troizina” at the Municipal Office of Troizina.

11 August 2020

Summer on Poros, having changed a lot in some aspects, has remained the same in many others, and Poros is here to offer it to you again and again. So that, once more, the scent of pine and lemon blossom fill our memories.

22 July 2020

Since 2013, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Piraeus and Islands has been organizing communicative actions and educational programs for the students of Poros and Troizinia-Methana. The art workshop “In the way of…” is part of the program “Vacation at the Museum”.

18 June 2020

CITRONNE Gallery opens again this summer and welcomes you to Poros. This year, art historian and owner of the gallery Tatiana Spinari-Pollali opted to create a continuous with the exhibition “Inner Space”, which is presented at the Athens gallery. At the same time, she collaborates for the eighth consecutive year with the Antiquities Ephorate of West Attica, Piraeus and Islands at the Archaeological Museum of Poros. She co-curates the exhibition of Konstantinos Xenakis.

screengs group article
24 February 2023

The screenings group continues projecting short films every Monday. We will be happy to see you in person.